The Pharcyde “Phriday Phun Pack #5”

Five alive and some more goodness for this Phriday. One from a West Coast comp, some more heat from Germany, a random mid-late 90’s freestyle from HipHopSite (!!!!), another gem for “party rocking biznisss” from SoundCloud and a classic JST*R reggae mashup/remix (thanks to DJ Step One for the vinyl rip that I didn’t use). Suggestions are always welcome, pheel phree to leave a comment.

Phriday Phun Pack #5
01 The Pharcyde-Westcyde 242 (1997)
02 Ancient Astronauts feat. The Pharcyde-Classic (2009)
03 The Pharcyde-Baka Boyz Freestyle (199x?)
04 Roy Ayers feat. The Pharcyde-Runnin’ (Relative Funk Remix) (2011)
05 The Pharcyde-(Still) Passin’ Me By (JST*R Remix) (2005)



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