Random VLS Drops: Mellow Man Ace – Mentirosa (1990)

Mellow Man Ace is a hispanic rapper, a younger brother of Sen Dog from Cypress Hill.

This single and his best known track is from his debut album “Escape From Havana (1989)” released on Capitol.

Both “Mentirosa” and “Welcome To My Groove” were produced by Tony G from Mixmasters.


01. Mentirosa (Radio Edit)
02. Mentirosa (Extended Remix)
03. Welcome To My Groove (Hurley’s House Of Trix Mix)
04. Welcome To My Groove (Hurley’s Deep House Mix)
05. Welcome To My Groove (Hurley’s Hip House Mix)
06. Welcome To My Groove (Latin’s Hip House Mix)

–>Download Mentirosa VLS<–


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5 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: Mellow Man Ace – Mentirosa (1990)”

  1. dochiphop says:

    i always have dug this song. Thx

  2. Janka-man says:

    Dont even know which one of these 2 i love more.
    Thanks bro…

  3. Janka-man says:

    These 2 MMA tracks, i mean.

  4. SAFan says:

    there was a video for the song:


    also his first album i believe had at least one dj grandmixer Muggs produced song, one SenDog featured song , and a hidden bonus song that was a posse cut with Breal on it… daamn i gots to look for that ish!

  5. Slick Vicious says:

    Great post Markshot! For real, no BS, I been looking for this for 3 weeks but could only find the LP… Thnx Fam.

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