The Pharcyde “Phriday Phun Pack #2”

Back again for the second installment. This pack has some nice variety and some real gems. AMP is the super group of The Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief, although only super enough to release one 12″. I really thought I owned the Booty Brown record but can’t seem to find it at home and zero info about it anywhere. The What-A-Remix is from Volume 6 and remixed by Jazzy Jim, though no listed on Discogs yet. Suggestions are always welcome, pheel phree to leave a comment.

Phriday Phun Pack #2
01 The Pharcyde-Funny Style: Part One (1997)
02 Almyghty Myghty Pythons-AMP (2002)
03 The Pharcyde-Passin Me By (WAR!) (1993)
04 Booty Brown-Have You Eva? (2002?)
05 Soulique-Let’s Stay Runnin (2007)



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4 Responses to “The Pharcyde “Phriday Phun Pack #2””

  1. laze says:

    First: good looks. Digging week #1 and what I can hear of #2…

    But small snag: the file seems to be corrupted (it’s reporting an error on the fourth track and then quits out). I redownloaded to make sure the d/l wasn’t interrupted, but still getting the error…

    • dirt_dog says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I think the question mark in the file name of track 4 was tripping it up. I removed the character and upped a new file. Sorry about that.

  2. Slick Vicious says:

    Good lookin Dirt Dog! Another Phriday Pharcyde treat! Can’t wait til next week Fam… Pandemonium??? Hint hint…

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