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14 Responses to “Pick your favorite soundtrack cut”

  1. Boothe says:

    Uptown Anthem is real good one.

    Would also like to ‘write in’ Souls of Mischief – Get the Girl, Grab the Money and Run.

  2. Godzilla Jr. says:

    Nothing from the Above the Rim soundtrack? It had at least 4 certifiable classics! Regulate (Warren G), Dogg Pound 4 Life (Tha Dogg Pound), Big Pimpin (Daz) and Afro Puffs (Lady of Rage).

  3. Joe T says:

    Seems a little biased for the track by MC Eiht, huh ?!?!

  4. DMD says:

    no “halftime” by nas?

  5. Droopy says:

    “Murder Was The Case?” or any song off The Show soundtrack?

  6. silly bitch says:

    What about “Hit em High (Monsta Anthem)”?
    That one was a banger when it came out

  7. Eone says:

    Difficult question. However, I must say “Colors” cause it is one of the reasons why I started listenin’ Rap.

  8. Nathan Smart says:

    I always loved The Way It Iz by Guru, KaiBee & Lil’ Dap from the Rhyme & Reason soundtrack.

  9. PAS says:

    Colors. Other than that, “Juice” by Eric B & Rakim of course.

  10. Bjae says:

    ice cube – friday or fight the power – p.e. (do the right thing) * i know it wasn’t recorded for the film but the film centered around the track and i mean… Radio Raheem!
    Still though… much much love for the blog.

  11. CP says:

    I love Flava Flav’s “I Can’t Do Nothing For You Man!” but I’d go for Uptown Anthem since it’s listed. It’s one of those things…House Party was a feel-good movie whereas the others bring back memories that make me happy I’ve grown up.

  12. eric b & rakim “juice (know the ledge)”

  13. Dray says:

    I have to many to name. I can’t pick just one. Here’s a few of my favorites:

    Main Source feat. Neek The Exotic “Fakin The Funk” – White Can’t Jump Sountrack

    Naughty By Nature “Uptown Anthem” Juice Soundtrack

    Tupac “Pour Out A Little Liquor” – Above the Rim Soundtrack

    Kid N’ Play “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody” House Party 2 Soundtrack

    Simple-E “Play My Funk” – Sugarhill Soundtrack

    ** Shanice – Its For U – Meteor Man Soundtrack (not a hip-hop track but has that new jack swing vibe…still my shyt!)

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