All These Playas Comin’ Up Out That H-Town

Lil’ Keke, of the S.U.C., is to the Houston rap movement, what a catalyst is to a chemical reaction. Lil’ Keke is selectively added to various projects. He helps those projects explode and then he disappears. For example, in 1997 DJ DMD dropped 25 Lighters (click to read the piece I wrote on it) with Lil’ Keke and the late Fat Pat. This song started the momentum for the Houston rap movement and is still one of the top Houston rap songs of all time. In 1998, he helped Houston turn that local momentum into national attention; he dropped the album, The Commission on Jam Down Records/Breakaway Entertainment. After that release, like a catalyst, he went away. He was briefly signed to In The Paint/Koch and a few other labels. Although he had success with all of his labels, he was absent from the spotlight until 2005-2006, when he signed with Swishahouse/TF Records. Soon after that, the Houston rap molecules began accelerating again. He dropped Chunk up the Deuce (2006)with Paul Wall and Bun B, Break’em Off (2007)with Paul Wall, and I’m a G ft. Birdman (2008)—each with well over a million views.

Additionally, in this great documentary called DJ SCREW: THE UNTOLD STORY, Lil’ Keke described the catalytic effects of his friendship with Fat Pat—“And I loved Pat man, he was an inspiration, kept me going, he kept me on my toes about rapping and I kept him on his toes.” H.A.W.K. described the same—Keke missed Pat because Pat brought the best out of him, Keke brought the best out of me [H.A.W.K.], he brought the best out of Pokey…”

Felony is a new Swishahouse artist. I’ve mentioned him before. He has a song out called Smoking Out in Public. The video for Felony’s single, Smoking Out in Public, dropped a few weeks ago.  Since then, this song has been growing on me more and more every day.

Lil’ Keke is featured on this song and isn’t straying from the scientific method; he’s now bringing out the best in Felony. CHECK OUT FELO’S LAST VERSE IN THE SONG!!! It’s nice to see that Don Ke is working with younger artists and isn’t pulling an Ice Cube.

Hopefully, Lil’ Keke can defy science and stick around this time. I am sure he can, I mean he has already conducted successful alchemy experiments; he went Platinum in da Ghetto.  –Droopy

Smoking Out In Public (Felony ft. Mike Ro and Lil’ Keke)

Behind the scenes at the Smoking Out In Public video shoot:

Bonus* (two of my favorite Lil’ Keke songs)

Bounce and Turn

Baller in the Mix

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8 Responses to “All These Playas Comin’ Up Out That H-Town”

  1. Brandan E. says:

    1st off i wanna say thanks for spreading love to houston and showing people what it was like down here music wise.
    but sadly enough the music scene down here isnt no where near what it was in the 90s.
    i cant even stand the music that comin out here now cause they aint sayin nuthin and its all mostly wack.
    the houston legacy will always be SUC, Swishahouse, Scarface & UGK. neither than that thats all we got.
    even tho im from outside of houston i have a NY state of mind, but i guess that what shows how low quality our music down here has become.

    • Droopy says:

      I appreciate your thoughts. Noted. Very little of what is out now will ever be like what it used to be. It took me a while to grasp this concept and accept it. We gotta grow and as long as it is in the right direction, its fine with me. I mean are you still wearing Polo Boots, starched jeans, Tommyboy Cologne, and a Vernon Maxwell jersey? Didnt think so.

      In terms of new h-town music, have you checked out DJ Chose, Propain, Short Dawg, Felony (see above), Bleeda, Riff Raff, Zilla, or any new Z-Ro. All that stuff is really good.

      Finally, with all due respect and because I would really like to know– what new NY stuff has come out that is like old NY stuff?

  2. Brandan E. says:

    im glad u responded and take my words into context.
    i like that comment about am i still wearing starched jeans and all that, that was funny. (for the record i never wore hard starched jeans!)

    i moved to h-town in ’97, and it was culture shock to me comin from el paso where all my friends listened to east coast music. thats all i knew. down south music really didnt pop like that in el paso, it was neither east coast stuff or Pac.

    so it took awhile for me to grasp screw music and down south artists at 1st but then i started to like it. down south artists back then was syain somethin and they all had different styles. even h-town’s artists back then didnt sound alike everybody was different.

    i really dont check for no new h-town music cause i think they lost the element that h-town sound once had and what they was talkin about. i think the artists now are now influenced by people like wayne, ross, drake and all that stuff out today.

    i mean we had a little resurgence in ’05-’06 but that flame went out quick before we had a chance to capitalize on it. and all them artists now are no where to be found.

    so the h-town music i will always embrace is what it was in the late 90s, i dont see it gettin better than that or even comin close to it.

    and u right about NY stuff now not soundin like it does back then. i cant even argue wit u on that. i just listen to the NY stuff that came out in the 90s cause im stuck on it. it was apart of me just like the h-town music was to me when i moved down here in ’97.

  3. Brandan E. says:

    and i love that DJ Screw u talked about in ur piece, i watched yesterday and i loved it man. they had rare footage of Screw and SUC and i love watchin that stuff cause it captures i great moment in time for us.

    is there anymore of that rare footage around anywhere else?
    i would to see Screw actually doin a tape, that would be holy grounds right there!

  4. Brandan E. says:

    i meant that DJ Screw documentary

  5. Droopy says:


    -this is good

    Dude please please please check out Zilla, he is from H-town but he tours in europe and has a super north eastern flow. Check it, you’ll dig it:


  6. Droopy says:

    -old school h town footage- GOOD!

    Check out Zilla. He is from the H, but has a very Northeast flow. He tours in Europe…really good tho


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