T.R.O.Y.’s Unofficial Wu-Weekly (Week 26)

At the rate I’m going, it’s more like Wu-Whenever.

This promo interview cd had eluded me during my massive collecting days. But last year I spotted it online in .flac format, now converted it to 320 for you to enjoy. And it’s not really the Wu-Tang Clan, but all RZA and just Ol’ Dirty Bastard on the last track.

Wu-Tang Clan-Exclusive Interview CD (Promo) (1997)

Part 1 The RZA aka Prince Rakeem
01 How Did The Wu-Tang Clan First Get Together?
02 Is There A Philosophy Behind The Band’s Name?
03 How Did You Come Up With The TItle Of The First Album “Enter The 36 Chambers…”?
04 What Role Does Each Member Play In The Wu-Tang Clan?
05 Who Are The Extended Members Of The Clan?
06 What Is The Title Of The New Album And The Philosophy Behind It?
07 Can You Explain The Concept Behind Your Upcoming Album?
08 Besides You, The RZA, Who Is Involved Production Wise?
09 What Inspires And Motivates You As A Producer And As A Lyricist?
10 How Do You Create Your Music / Lyrics For Wu-Tang?
11 In How Far Are You Involved In The Packaging Of Your New Album?
12 What Does The Logo Mean To You?
13 What’s Your Creative Input In Wu-Wear, Your Clothing Line?
14 How Would You Describe Wu-Tang’s Vision For The Future?
15 Can We Expect Another Album From Wu-Tang As An Entity?
16 Tell Us About The Next Upcoming Wu-Tang Projects / Solo Albums
17 Have You Thought About Making Movies In The Future?
18 How Does The Wu-Tang Clan Stand Out From Other Groups And What Is The Key To Your Success?

Part 2 Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Ossirus
19 WU Stage Shows / Entertainment / The Dirty Way Of Life



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