MC Shan vs. Marley Marl Pt. 3

New video of Marley’s response to the latest response. Now this is getting crazy. Please keep it on wax fellas. –Philaflava

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2 Responses to “MC Shan vs. Marley Marl Pt. 3”

  1. Brandan E. says:

    im glad they aint goin at each other
    they just airing stuff out, them two created so much history together i know they aint goin the beef route in which i am happy for that.
    now i do wanna know which person tried to get into this that marley marl mentioned!
    im happy these guys goin on tour as well which is great.

  2. calhoun says:


    can’t reach you via email : permanently failed
    take my chance here

    i follow your blog since a while
    just sharing my

    new mixtape : http://www.mixcloud.com/CarlstonTigerHoodz/dust-your-tapedeck-the-rah-rah-tape-no-1/

    Calhoun aka Mac Dough : Dust your Tapedeck – The Rah Rah Tape No 1

    tracklist :

    Just Ice : Keep it Real
    Grand Daddy IU : Who got da Gats ?
    Horror City : Aah’s & Oohh’s
    Dred Scott : Nutin’ Ta Lose (Marley’s Mix)
    Preacher Earl & The Ministry : Fool I Got Your Back
    The Nonce : Hoods Like To Play
    Powerful : Murder 1
    Red Hot Lover Tone : Give It Up (Diamond D Remix)
    Wise Intelligent : Shitty Inna City
    Steady B : Bogardin’
    Natural Elements : I Got Your Heart
    Aceyalone : Feet Upon Da Table
    The Lost Boyz : Renee (A Ghetto Fairytale)
    Doomsday Project : Bodycatchers At Da Bullet Fest
    Kamakazee : Bridge 95
    Rampage the Last Boy Scout : Beware of The Rampshack
    Poor Righteous Teachers : Lick Shots
    Ace C Ducey : Pop Ya Trunks
    The Brotha Life & X Man Project : Gotta Have It
    Lethal Terrorist :Truth Or Dare
    1st Platoon : Damn “U” The Man
    Pashun ‘N’ Da Loonatik : Lyrical High
    Tasc4ourse : Sound In Your Ears
    Nuff Ruffness : Styles Come At Ya
    Van Full of Pakistans : Monkey on my Back
    The Dereliks : I am a Record
    Izzy Real : Is He Real
    Ghetto Concept : Deifitrec
    Top Quality : What
    Ra Kapone : Neva Under Pressure
    Apple and Orange : Givin Ya a Taste
    Finsta : Finsta Baby
    The Funk League : The Boogie Down Bombers
    Black Moon : Make Munne
    Souls Of Mischief : Let ‘Em Know
    Funkdoobiest : Holdin It Down
    Lo Down : Mad Fright Nights
    Da Henchmen : Basket Case
    Civilized Savages : Ill Rhyme Skill
    Saukrates : Hate Runs Deep
    Controversy : 2 Da Beat Y’all
    MF 911 : 900 (Remix)
    Brooklyn Zoo : Boo
    Madman Shawn : Walk thru Hell
    The Muck Men : Pokin Fun
    PMD : No Shorts And No Sleep
    Myster-Me : Call Me Myster
    Diezzle Don & Tha Govener : Ill Funk Flow
    Mobb Deep : Take It in Blood
    OGC : Dan-jer
    Little Shawn : Check It Out Y’All
    Street Life The Dy’nasty : No Matter Where
    Sham & The Professor : So-Low-Ist (The Kenny “Dope” Remix)
    Peach Tha 5TH Trooper : Madflow Yo !


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