MC Shan vs. Marley Marl

Shan sets the record straight on why he wasn’t on The Symphony. Marley’s response is below but he ain’t saying nothing really to dispute what Shan said. All I know is, Marley has had way too many shady dealings following him throughout his career. Not giving credit. Not paying artists. He is a legend so most people don’t care, but I bet K-Def has stories for days too. –Philaflava

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8 Responses to “MC Shan vs. Marley Marl”

  1. Slick Vicious says:

    Yo, I’m a just say this: As far as Marley not giving credit, or even taking credit, I don’t know. But I do know, not ONCE in that video did Marley say, “I didn’t say that shit to them niggas.” He said, “Who cares? That shit is old…” So I believe Shan about that specific claim. It’s crazy to think though, Ace been walking around all these years believing Shan said that to Marley. And Marley ain’t as “relevant” as he thinks he is… He ain’t Preme or Pete Rock or Large Pro… Or even K-Def for that matter. All them dudes got NEW production out with NEW cats. So honestly, I don’t know anyone checking for Marley Marl like them other dudes I just listed. Big up TROY Blog for the post.

  2. bidnessman says:

    Um…. was anybody really wondering why shan wasn’t on the symphony? Exactly. who cares? I wasn’t on that shit either but i’m not making videos about it!

  3. philaflava says:

    Shan probably would have made it a diff track. I mean, this formed the Juice Crew. Still, there is validity to what Shan is saying and for years he walked around with lies surrounding him as to why he never was apart of it. He was just clearing it up.

  4. JOHHNY ONE STOP says:

    it’s well known that the beat for Big Daddy Kane’s “Set it Off” was originally made by Mark “the 45” King. He was paid off not to use his version, so Marley could use a sped up version for Kane… and the rest is history. And whilst Marley is a legend, it’s music business: 10 % music, 90 % business, and we know how ruthless other businesses are. The music business is no different. Especially when Cold Chillin meant about as much to Warner Bros. as little as the shoe on the end of their executives’ dirt. While we’re about it, Dr.Dre didn’t do all of his beats on his albums-fact!

    • Spen1 says:

      I struggle to completely agree with you… I do agree that the music biz currently may very well be 90% business and 10% music. But I’m looking for real music/musicians. I do believe that over time (like in most art forms), true art and music will prevail. This is the case with most disciplines. It took Beethoven’s, Van Gogh’s, and Einstein’s death to be viewed as respective geniuses. My point is that even if there is a model of “business first”, I highly doubt it to be the transcending example of what hip-hop was.

      • Spen1 says:

        and im not sayin Shan or Marl didn’t put out ART… they did to the fullest. I was just speakin on the business side of they argument. believe me when i say the juice crew is my shit.. i was tryin to say they will be known for their music, not for Cold Chillin’ or none of that…

  5. Rob element says:

    I’m a producer & i was shocked to hear these stories. As a producer is meant to build a rapport & get the best out of the artist & much more.. I would never mock an artist.

    Marley marl is a legendary dj producer but i think he’s disingenuous & disrespectful . He was older than his crew & had independant hits with Dimples d & Roxanne shante before Cold chillin was established .

    He was also sued by utfo for using their original roxanne Roxanne beats & claimed Bdp stole his beats ..so he was very familiar with copyright & royalties.

    He could have coached the juice crew about the mechanics of the industry..

    He never refuted Mc shan on the mixing of eric b is president. yet Mr marley is on the deep crates 2 video claiming he played the bassline?

    I would like to hear roxanne shantes view of events if she can be relied upon..

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