The Real Reason Gang Starr Broke-Up?

Would be nice to finally hear Preem set the record straight. What are your thoughts? And where does Gang Starr rank among your all-time favorite groups?

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9 Responses to “The Real Reason Gang Starr Broke-Up?”

  1. “Premier made beats for porn?” I guess he means that song he did for Heather Hunter’s album, ’cause I can’t imagine porn companies actually paying Premier’s rates for theme music for their scenes – nobody buys porn for the music, do they?

  2. philaflava says:

    His porn collection. He has something like 5000+ dvds. He’s a serious collector.

  3. Pooch says:

    He could be referring to the Hip Hop Honeys series by Game Records.

    There was, what appeared to be, honest recollection of the Guru situation with Solaar. But that was some real dirt being thrown toward Primo. Don’t know how authentic that was, clearly Gusmo’s relationship was always with Guru, which would taint his perspective and evaluation, reminiscing and remembering about a fallen brother almost always directs the brush that the picture is being painted with.


  4. Slick Vicious says:

    “Lounged and drank 40’s with Tommy Hill and GUSMO…” – Guru from “The Planet.”

  5. Strategy says:

    This is pathetic, ridiculous

    – The group had static because Guru wanted to bring Gusmo on tour and Primo didn’t want to. Right. It was all about him.
    – Drama was because Primo did a beat for a porno. As if Guru was that religious and puritanical. Not.
    – Solar might have been sent by Primo. Wow. That’s the lowest of all.
    – Primo is a crackhead. OK sure. That would make the first crack addiction that I’ve seen gain someone 100 lbs and a career improvement.

    The DVD will be crap. Dude thinks the DVD is gonna make him rich. So lame.

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