Nas “Is Coming” Promo Cassette 1996

Really nothing special on this promo sampler cassette. A Kid Capri Source freestyle and a couple excerpts of some tracks that didn’t make the album and took several years before they got released. But it was during the outro in the last 15 seconds of the tape that had always grabbed my attention. “And guest appearances by Lauren Hill, D’Angelo and Method Man…”

As we all know when “It Was Written” dropped, there were clearly no tracks with Method Man or D’Angelo. I (like many others) always assumed that those tracks were locked away in Nas’ vaults.

But according to DJ Mike Nice, “the Meth session in 96 never took place, Meth was to be on it was written but missed the studio session” and “D’angelo missed his session with Nas as well.”

Really?!? Kind of a disappointing end to the story. Well, here’s the promo tape. Side 2 is exactly the same as side 1, but I ripped it anyways. All scans are included in the rar file.



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4 Responses to “Nas “Is Coming” Promo Cassette 1996”

  1. SvR247365 says:

    and to further add on that entire summer of 96 there were spray paintings of “Nas is coming” all over NYC using the same letter font as the promo…I mean it was on sidewalks, walls doors, there were stickers…wish I kept some lol..

  2. qbd1 says:

    On the realsie realsie… “Watch Dem Niggas” was my shit…perfect summer joint…and Foxy on that hook…Damn…Silent Murder is on here for those who only got the CD…

  3. Ilir says:

    Great summer. I vividly remember that whether I was in NYC or upstate ny (at a gas station) this album was playing everywhere. Pretty awesome to look back on it. Thanks for the upload. I miss those days.

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