Swishahouse – The Final Chapter 2k11: The End Is Here

Since 1998, Swishahouse’s Michael 5000 Watts has traditionally released Final Chapter (regular and Screwed & Chopped) mix tapes towards the end of each year.  This year’s Final Chapter 2k11 mix tape has a subtitle: The End is Here. Who knew Michael Watts’ mix tape release schedule would coincide with the Mayan calendar and the Mayan’s predictions that the world would end in a catastrophic event in late December 2011.

Just because it is interesting. Mayans had an elaborate system of time cycles. One of them was a katun (20 tuns/7,200 days). These units were used to calculate the time elapsed from a zero date set at 3114 BC.[1] Each katun ends with the name Ahua (Lord), combined with one of 13 numerals; and their names form a Katun Round of 13 katuns. Scholars are fairly confident that the last katun was katun 13 Ahua, which ended on November 14, 1539.

Well, Watts has been releasing Final Chapter mix tapes since the date set at 1998. Now, it is 2011. That’s 13 years. This is Watts’ katun 13. Coincidence? “I think not, this is more throwed than a rock in a shot sling shot.”

Michael 5000 Watts is a Swishahouse founder, Screw and Chop patriarch, and prophet.

Final Chapter 2k11: The End is Here, features some senior Swishahouse artists including Slim Thug and Paul Wall, as well as some newer Swishahouse members such as Felony and E-Class. Final Chapter 2k11 also features Big K.R.I.T., 8 ball, MJG, Bun B, and my current favorite DJ Chose. Drake is also on this mixtape. In his song Hell Yea, he samples an H-town classic, E.S.G.’s Swangin and Bangin’. Respect. –Droopy (@Droopydood)

To thank their loyal fans, below is a free download provided by Swishahouse for Final Chapter 2k11: The End is Here.

Final Chapter 2k11: The End is Here (Regular)

Final Chapter 2k11: The End is Here (Screwed and Chopped)

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