Ram Squad – Tommy Hill (R.I.P.)

We would like to pay tribute to Tommy Hill and his recent passing away, rest in peace Tommy.

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“Philadelphia rapper Tommy Hill, formerly of the RAM Squad, was killed in a robbery attempt outside of an East Mount Airy bar. Hill was the only man killed in a shootout between robbers and bar workers, and the suspects in the Tommy Hill murder are still being sought.

On Friday morning, Hill had left the Reuben’s Marc bar without paying his tab. As he was outside, the bar manager and bouncer followed him to settle the tab. But before they could get Hill’s money, three masked gunmen announced there was a robbery, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Bullets went flying and Hill was killed.

Hill first rose to fame in the late 1990s with the RAM Squad, reports the Inquirer. But after the group broke up, the rapper was in and out of legal trouble having served two years in prison for dealing crack. Prior to his prison stint, Hill had also participated in the trial against several Kensington crack dealers and testified against them.

So far, police do not suspect there is any foul play beyond the robbery attempt. The manager of the Reuben’s Marc bar and others who may have had a problem with Hill have not been connected with his murder.

For the robbery and murder, the killers likely face second degree murder charges. Second degree murder is the charge for those who kill someone while committing a felony like armed robbery. This is distinguished from first degree murder where there is a premeditated killing like lying and waiting to kill someone such as for revenge.

For second degree murder, those involved in the Tommy Hill murder face the toughest criminal penalty short of death. But if it is later discovered that the killing was premeditated, Pennsylvania’s death penalty may come into play.”


01 – Keep It Real
02 – When & Where
03 – Niggas N Richard Allen
04 – Get It On
05 – Tommy Hill / Boy Back Freestyle
06 – R.A.W. / Streets Of Rage
07 – Tommy Hill Storyline
08 – Unfortunate
09 – Shout Outs
10 – Swing The Ax
11 – More Shout Outs 

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01 – Richard Allen (Vocal)
02 – Unfortunate (Vocal)
03 – Get It On (Vocal)
04 – Streets Of Rage (Vocal)
05 – Ridhard Allen (Instrumental)
06 – Unfortunate (Instrumental)
07 – Get It On (Instrumental)
08 – Streets Of Rage (Instrumental)

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01 – Ramboom
02 – Whenever & Wherever
03 – Ez – Off
04 – Ramboom (Instrumental)
05 – Whenever & Wherever (Instrumental)
06 – Ez – Off (Instrumental)

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01 – Keep It Real
02 – Keep It Real (Instr.)
03 – When And Where
04 – When And Where (Instr.)
05 – Keep It Real (Accapella)

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