Public Enemy In Concert: ATP Festival 2011

Spotted this one in the forum the other day. I’m not usually into concerts, but it’s a really good listen. Thanks to claaa7.

from NPR:
Don’t call Public Enemy a nostalgia act. Yes, the long-running hip-hop group still makes albums, still tours, still gives a damn. But, more importantly, Public Enemy proved to be current at All Tomorrow’s Parties in Asbury Park, N.J. That’s a funny thing to say about a two-hour set centered on the performance of a 20-year-old classic album, Fear of a Black Planet. But, when remixed and recontextualized, those songs were just a launching pad for one of the most entertaining sets of the weekend. With never a dull moment, Chuck D and Flavor Flav ran around the stage like young kids at a punk show. Simply put, Public Enemy still brings it.

Stream or download the 128 bit mp3 at NPR.


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  1. John John says:

    The did the same show in London back in September. P.E were on for 2 plus hours and not only did most of “Fear of a Black Planet” , they did a lot of their other songs as well. They put many so-called rappers performing today to shame, especially as Chuck and Flavor are both mid 50s, or thereabouts. A far cry from a thirty minute performance at L.A’s Key Club by Scarface, in which he sat down for 10 minutes, while Rass Kass talked shit to Rick Ross… and stupidly no one complained.

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