The T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents: 100 Forgotten Favorites (Recap)

Part I of IV
Part II of IV
Part III of IV
Part IV of IV

In case you’ve been in a funky diabetic coma for the past few weeks, you’ve been doing the wop, the smurf, and the baseball bat to our latest four volume compilation, The TROY Blog Presents: 100 Forgotten Favorites. We originally intended to zip it all up into one huge download but the collection is damned near a gig and there’s no easy way to do that. Instead we simply offer links to the four parts for those who may have missed a step or two in the process. Now we don’t like to brag here at The TROY Blog, but ———— TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED, PLEASE STANDBY

We have just received word from our usual sources that a FIFTH VOLUME of Forgotten Favorites has been spotted circulating around the interwebz. If this is true, it is an astounding development, as it was widely assumed that the compilation only consisted of four parts. Our sources have provided the following image as evidence of this elusive fifth volume:


Additional reports suggest that artists like Milk D, Freshco, The Man Called Lux, and Diamond D may be associated with this supposed fifth volume. The picture above contains a link that appears to lead to an unlisted sector of the interwebz, where the fifth volume may or may not be found. If the first four volumes are any indication, Part V should prove to be a treasure chest of rare gems. The TROY Blog asks its vigilant readership to help us out with some investigative reporting and let us know about any further info you gather.

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