The TROY Blog Presents: 100 Forgotten Favorites, Part IV of IV

The TROY Blog Presents: 100 Forgotten Favorites

A few years back, a team of nine rap fans associated with the TROY forum at Philaflava.com and The TROY Blog assembled a compilation of 100 obscure rap songs from the past that we felt deserved to be recognized and remembered. We caught some flak from hardcore ebay collectors for the word “obscure” but years later our claim is vindicated because even the better known songs from that list are rarely mentioned. Today in 2011 three members of the original team —Thun, Philaflava and Magneto— have assembled a new list, which we call Forgotten Favorites. We picked 100 songs, mostly from the late ’80s through the late ’90s, that are too good to dissipate into the void of the internet, tracked down the highest quality mp3s for your listening pleasure (big up to the folks in the forum who helped us with that), and assembled them into a compilation that we will unveil in four parts of 25 songs each. Dirt_Dog provided the cover art to make the whole affair as iPod-friendly as possible. Blast this at a high volume wherever you go, there’s something for everybody, from classic singles that nobody bumps anymore to vinyl-only b-sides and album cuts that got overlooked to demos and unreleased tracks that were unearthed only recently.

If you missed Part I, you can find it here, if you slept on Part II get it here, and Part III is over this way. Hit the jump to get the full liner notes and download links.

THE TROY BLOG PRESENTS: 100 Forgotten Favorites, Part IV of IV

RAR 1 (tracks 1-12)
RAR 2 (tracks 13-25)

Track List

Sha’dasious “Phunk Wucha Heard”
Produced by: Sha’dasious
Appears on: Phunk Wucha Heard (1994, RCA)

Big Noyd feat. Prodigy “Recognize and Realize”
Produced by: Havoc
Appears on: Episodes Of A Hustler (1996, Tommy Boy)

Sleestackz “Ruination (Spearhead X Remix)
Produced by: Spearhead X
Appears on: “Ruination” / “Crystal Clear” (1995, Ichiban International)

Natural Elements “Second Hand Smoke”
Produced by: Charlemagne
Appears on: EP (2005, Word Of Mouth)

Ultramagnetic MC’s “See The Man On The Streets”
Produced by: Godfather Don
Appears on: Four Horsemen (Wild Pitch Records, 1994)

Onyx “Shout (Remix)”
Produced by: Pete Rock
Appears on: “Shout Remix”/ “Most Def” (1998, JMJ)

Stezo “Shining Star”
Produced by: Stezo, White Rock, Lowe & Sindrum
Appears on: “Bop Ya Headz” / Shining Star” VLS (1994, Funktown Records)
Description: So you think that Stezo is nothing more than the sum of his EPMD association and Paul C’s production? Peep “Shining Star,” a mellow, self-produced track from 1994 that proves Stezo could change with the times and deliver fresh material. — Thun

SunN.Y.  “Soul Of A Hustler”
Produced by: Chad “Wes” Hamilton
Appears on: “Soul Of A Hustler” VLS (2005, Virgin Records/So So Def)
Description: Former So So Def  artist SunN.Y released one of the most rugged, hard hitting tracks of the past decade, relating the everyday struggles of a young street hustler consumed by the drug game and all the problems that come with it. — Magneto

Positive K “Step Up Front (3 Heineken Technique)”
Produced by: King Of Chill
Appears on: “Step Up Front” VLS (1988, First Priority Music)

Mr. Live feat. Tony Bones “Supa Dupa”
Produced by: VES
Appears on: “Relax Y’self” / “Supa Dupa” / “Hunger Strike” (1996, Fondle ‘Em)
Description: This Fondle ‘Em favorite featured Brooklynite Mr. Live and London born emcee Tony Bones on the b-side to Relax Y’Self. — Philaflava

Afiliashun “Tell Me If You Open”
Produced by: Regi Ruckus
Appears on: The Perfect Time EP (1997, Revelashun Records)
Description: B-More represent yo! Great track from the Maryland underground, off their (only?) released recording,“The Perfect Time” EP. — Magneto

Fat Joe feat. Terror Squad “Terror Squadians”
Produced by: Kurt Gowdy
Appears on: Don Cartagena (1998, Atlantic)
Description: Who wants lyrics? Terror Squad (consisting of Fat Joe, Big Pun, Cuban Link, Prospect and Armaggedon) drop their best collaborative record ever, letting everyone know their crew is nothing to mess with on or off the mic. — Magneto

Mic Geronimo feat. Royal Flush “Three Stories High”
Produced by: Buckwild
Appears on: The Natural (1995, Blunt Recordings)

MC Shan “Time For Us To Defend Ourselves”
Produced by: John “Fig” Ficoratta
Appears on: Play It Again, Shan (1990, Cold Chillin’)

Brainsick Mob “Time To Shine”
Produced by: Big Greg
Appears on: “Time To Shine” / “Playin’ For Keeps” (1997, United Recordings)

Ganjah K “Time Warp”
Produced by: The Nonce
Appears on: Harvest For The World (1995, Pallas Records)
Description: Project Blowedian Ganjah K weaves a tale of time-traveling racial vengeance over an eerie Nonce track. — Thun

Slick Rick “Treat Her Like A Prostitute (Movie Version)”
Produced by: Slick Rick
Appears on: “Teenage Love” / “Treat Her Like A Prostitute” VLS (1988, Def Jam Recordings)
Description: This is the superior version of the song that see Slick kicking a slower flow over Doug E Fresh’s beatboxing. The way it should be done. — Thun

Vooodu feat. Meen Green “Two Deadly Sins”
Produced by: Vooodu
Appears on: “One Life To Live” / “Two Deadly Sins” (1996, Patchwerk Recordings)

Casual “Turkey and Dressing”
Produced by: Stimulated Dummies
Appears on: “Same O.G.” / “Turkey & Dressing” (2001, Stimulated Records)

Tracey Lee feat. The Reepz, Canibus, A+ and Herb McGruff “Universal MCs”
Produced by: ???
Appears on: One Leg Up On The Competition (1996, Universal Records)
Description: All featured emcees drop killer verses over stellar production, making for an underground hit. — Magneto

Big Kwam “Verbalize (DJ Spinna Remix)”
Produced by: DJ Spinna
Appears on: Various Artists Wide Angles (1999, Blind Side Recordings)

Rough House Survivers feat. Sadat X “We Come To Get Wreck”
Produced by: Tony Dofat
Appears on: Straight From The Soul (1992, Relativity)

AZ (Mobstyle) “What’s Going On Black”
Produced by: Control and AZ
Appears on: “What’s Going On Black” VLS (1991, first on  Racketeering Records and then Sugar Hill Records, and on cassette-only Streetwise, 1991 Sugar Hill Records and Espionage)

Souls Of Mischief  “Where The Fuck You At?”
Produced by: Casual
Appears on: No Man’s Land (1995, Jive)
Description: Casual’s production exemplifies the somber mood felt throughout No Man’s Land, an album that was a few years ahead of its time and was widely (but wrongly) considered an underwhelming follow-up to the Souls’ debut. — Philaflava

LL Cool J “Year Of The Hip Hop”
Produced by: K-Def
Appears on: Unreleased, future release on SOS Records 10/31/2011
Description: The idea to shelve this song, a leftover from the 14 Shots To The Dome sessions, may have been inspired by a potent strain of crack that made its way into the aptly titled House Of Hits. LL + K-Def + “UFO” sample = perfection. — Thun

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