The TROY Blog Presents: 100 Forgotten Favorites, Part III of IV

The TROY Blog Presents: 100 Forgotten Favorites

A few years back, a team of nine rap fans associated with the TROY forum at Philaflava.com and The TROY Blog assembled a compilation of 100 obscure rap songs from the past that we felt deserved to be recognized and remembered. We caught some flak from hardcore ebay collectors for the word “obscure” but years later our claim is vindicated because even the better known songs from that list are rarely mentioned. Today in 2011 three members of the original team —Thun, Philaflava and Magneto— have assembled a new list, which we call Forgotten Favorites. We picked 100 songs, mostly from the late ’80s through the late ’90s, that are too good to dissipate into the void of the internet, tracked down the highest quality mp3s for your listening pleasure (big up to the folks in the forum who helped us with that), and assembled them into a compilation that we will unveil in four parts of 25 songs each. Dirt_Dog provided the cover art to make the whole affair as iPod-friendly as possible. Blast this at a high volume wherever you go, there’s something for everybody, from classic singles that nobody bumps anymore to vinyl-only b-sides and album cuts that got overlooked to demos and unreleased tracks that were unearthed only recently.

If you missed Part I, you can find it here and if you slept on Part II, get it here. Part IV of IV is on it’s way, so take the next few days to catch up before the grand finale. Hit the jump to get the full liner notes and download links.

THE TROY BLOG PRESENTS: 100 Forgotten Favorites, Part III of IV

RAR 1 (tracks 1-12)
RAR 2 (tracks 13-25)

Track List

Mindspace “Life Is Foul”
Produced by: Kutmasta Kurt
Appears on: “Life Is Foul” / “Who Got The Funk” VLS (1996, Funky Ass Records)
Description: Chicago emcee links up with Kut Master Kurt and Chi-town native No I.D. on the flip on this obscure 12″. — Philaflava

Hard 2 Obtain “Local Hero”
Produced by: Stimulated Dummies
Appears on: Ism and Blues (1994, Atlantic)
Description: The Stimulated Dummies helped these Long Island boys find a home on the major Atlantic, and then gave them production on their debut and only album. — Philaflava

Big Daddy Kane “Lyrical Gymnastics”
Produced by: LG Experience
Appears On: Daddy’s Home (1994, MCA Records)
Description: Mr. Hardy reminds us why, even after the numerous cross-over attempts, he can still hang in the twilight of his career. — Philaflava

Kaotic Style feat. Cella Dwellas, M.O.P. and Heltah Skeltah “Mad Hardcore”
Produced by: DR Period
Appears on: “Mad Hardcore” / “Bro To Bro” VLS (1995)
Description: Kaotic Style presents three of the most rugged (neva smoove) rap acts all on one monstrous track. — Magneto

Supastition “Me Minus U”
Produced by: Eagleman
Appears on: Philaflava Presents – A League of Our Own (2003)
Description: A heartfelt ode to relationships and possibly the greatest flip of “Flamenco Sketches” you’ll ever hear in a rap song. — Philaflava

Royal Flush “Moving On Your Weak Productions”
Produced by: Da Beatminerz
Appears on: Ghetto Millionaire (1997, Blunt Recordings)

Aceyalone “Ms. Amerikkka”
Produced by: Joey Chavez
Appears on: Various The Unbound Project Volume 1 (2000, Ground Coontrol Records)
Description: Acey smacks the shit out of reality and leaves Uncle Sam limping with help from Joey Chavez and cuts by Beat Junkie J-Rocc. — Philaflava

Leaders Of The New School “Mt. Airy Groove”
Produced by: ??? (SD50s and Backspin the Vibe Chemist are mentioned in the song)
Appears On: Various Rubáiyát – Elektra’s 40th Anniversary (1990, Elektra)
Description: LONS, along with their “New School Society” disciples The Cracker Jax and Geranimo, travel through the “levels of imagination,” unveiling the old school-inspired yet futuristic style of rapping that would soon become the group’s trademark. — Thun

Hoodratz “Murdered Ova Nuttin’ (The Grinch and DJ Chameleon Remix)”
Produced by: The Grinch and DJ Chameleon
Appears on: “Murdered Over Nuttin'” VLS (1993, Epic)

Q-Ball and Curt Cazal “My Kinda Moves”
Produced by: Curt Cazal
Appears on: “My Kinda Moves” VLS (1995, VZQ Records)

Teflon “My Planet”
Produced by: M.O.P.
Appears on: My Will (1997, Relativity)
Description: Teflon shows off his impressive rhyme skills, showing that Brownsville and M.O.P. can offer more than just your basic gun-toting lyrics. — Magneto

Downtown Science “Natural People”
Produced by: Downtown Science
Appears on:  Downtown Science (1991, Def Jam Recordings)
Description:  A great record from a dope but forgotten rap Def Jam-signed group from the early 90s, Downtown Science (MC Bosco Money and producer Sam Sever). — Magneto

IG Off and Hazadous “The Nicest”
Produced by: DJ Spinna
Appears on: IG Off And Hazadous “The Nicest” / Jigmastas “If” VLS (1999, Beyond Real Recordings)

Tha Alkaholiks feat. Snagglepuss, Phil Da Agony and Xzibit “No Hands Out”
Produced by: E-Swift
Appears on: Various One Million Strong (1995, Solar Records)
Description: Rarely will you see Phil Da Agony credited on this track but he indeed appears as well as Bounce Squad member Snagglepuss on this E-Swift gem. — Philaflava

Young MC “Non Stop”
Produced by: Matt Dike and Michael Ross
Appears on: Stone Cold Rhymin’ (1989, 4th and Broadway)
Description: Young MC’s crossover smash “Bust A Move” is not indicative of his emcee talents. “Non Stop” should silence most skeptics. — Thun

Kreators feat. Edo G “No Ordinary Love”
Produced by: G²
Appears on: No Contest (1999, Bomb Hip Hop)

2nd II None feat. DJ Quik “Nothing Has Changed”
Produced by: DJ Quik
Appears on: The Shit (unreleased, recorded in 1994 for Death Row Records)
Description: A lost gem from the West Coast duo featuring  their former partner in rhyme DJ Quik. — Magneto

Deda “Nothing More”
Produced by: Pete Rock
Appears on: InI/Deda Center Of Attention/ Original Baby Pa (2003, Rapster Records)
Description: Pete Rock reworks Freddie Hubbard’s “Suite Sioux” into an elegant backdrop for Deda to recite the best rhymes of his career. — Thun

MC Eiht feat. Spice 1 and Redman “Nuthin’ But Tha Gangsta”
Produced by: DJ Slip and MC Eiht
Appears on: We Come Strapped (1994, Epic Street)
Description: If there was one east coast rapper that just gelled on every west coast collabo he took part in during the Golden Era, it was Redman. This track comes courtesy of the classic We Come Strapped album. — Philaflava

Tuff Crew feat. Prime Minister Too Dope “Old School Jackin’”
Produced by: DJ Too Tuff
Appears on: DJ Too Tuff’s Lost Archives (2008, Traffic Entertainment Group)
This might be the hardest rap song ever, or very close to it. Ultra-obscure guest rapper Prime Minister Dope flows without a hint of fatigue for six minutes over not one but two bangers as well as pure turntable devastation courtesy of DJ Too Tuff. — Thun

Jay-Z  “You’re Only A Customer”
Produced by: Irv Gotti
Appears on: Various Dangerous Ground (Soundtrack) (1997, Jive)
Description: Jay’s last song that is reminiscent of his Reasonable Doubt sound, and it’s a great one. — Magneto

Mobb Deep “Paddy Shop”
Produced by: Havoc
Appears on: N/A, unreleased demo

Herb McGruff “Palm On The Handle (Remix)”
Produced by: Godfather Don
Appears on: The 1994 Demo (2008, One Leg Up Records)

Stetsasonic “Pen and Paper”
Produced by: Prince Paul
Appears on: In Full Gear (1988, Tommy Boy Music)
Description: Prince Paul’s ability to make funky sound quirky is on full display here. Daddy-O in particular rips this track to shreds. — Thun

Basement Khemist “Petrified”
Produced by: DJ Joc Max
Appears on: Various Phax N’ Phixion (1998, SSR Records)

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