The TROY Blog Presents: 100 Forgotten Favorites, Part II of IV

The TROY Blog Presents: 100 Forgotten Favorites

A few years back, a team of nine rap fans associated with the TROY forum at Philaflava.com and The TROY Blog assembled a compilation of 100 obscure rap songs from the past that we felt deserved to be recognized and remembered. We caught some flak from hardcore ebay collectors for the word “obscure” but years later our claim is vindicated because even the better known songs from that list are rarely mentioned. Today in 2011 three members of the original team —Thun, Philaflava and Magneto— have assembled a new list, which we call Forgotten Favorites. We picked 100 songs, mostly from the late ’80s through the late ’90s, that are too good to dissipate into the void of the internet, tracked down the highest quality mp3s for your listening pleasure (big up to the folks in the forum who helped us with that), and assembled them into a compilation that we will unveil in four parts of 25 songs each. Dirt_Dog provided the cover art to make the whole affair as iPod-friendly as possible. Blast this at a high volume wherever you go, there’s something for everybody, from classic singles that nobody bumps anymore to vinyl-only b-sides and album cuts that got overlooked to demos and unreleased tracks that were unearthed only recently.

If you missed Part I, you can find it here. Part III of IV is coming shortly, so for now bounce ta this to get your work week started right.  You can find download links, the track list, and detailed liner notes after the jump.

THE TROY BLOG PRESENTS: 100 Forgotten Favorites, Part II of IV

RAR 1 (tracks 1-12)
RAR 2 (tracks 13-25)

Track List

Beatnuts “Fluid”
Produced by: Beatnuts
Appears on: U.F.O. Files: Rare and Unreleased Recordings (2009, No Sleep Recordings)
Description: The Beatnuts flip Cal Tjader’s lush “Morning” into a celebratory song and rock lyrics less bawdy and more whimsical than their usual fare. This might be the group’s most Native Tongue-ish song ever. — Thun

King Tee feat. Xzibit, M.C. Breeze & Tha Alkaholiks “Free Style Ghetto”
Produced by: DJ Broadway and Thayad
Appears on: King Tee IV Life (1994, MCA Records)
Description: While it wasn’t his official debut, most people would agree Xzibit birthed his career through a show-stealing verse a la AZ on this Likwit crew collaboration. — Philaflava

Eightball & MJG feat. E-40, Mac Mall & Big Mike “Friend or Foe
Produced by: Smoke One Productions
Appears on: On Top Of The World (1995, Relativity)
Description: The Memphis duo call on two Bay Area ballers and one-time Geto Boy stand-in Big Mike for this excellent collabo. — Philaflava

Redman feat. Erick Sermon “Funkorama (Double Green Remix)”
Produced by: Erick Sermon
Appears on: L.O.D. “I Feel It” / Jamal & Calif “Beez Like That Sometimes”/ Redman “Funkorama” Remix VLS (1996, Interscope Records)

Jemini The Gifted One “Funk Soul Sensation (Godfather Mix)”
Produced by: Godfather Don
Appears on: “Funk Soul Sensation Remixes” Promo VLS (1995, Mercury)

Above The Law “Game Wreck-Oniz-Iz Game feat. Eazy-E”
Produced by: Cold 187um and Above The Law
Appears on: Black Mafia Life (1992, Ruthless Records)

Will Smith feat. Big Punisher, Cam’ron, R.O.C. “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It Remix (So So Def Remix)
Produced by: Jermaine Dupri
Appears on: “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” VLS (1998, Columbia)
Description: The original “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” was a huge pop hit, the antithesis of the selections on a list like this. Its forgotten remix however, features three of 1998’s best up-and-coming MCs and represents one of the best and most drastic transformations of an o.g. track into a remix ever. — Magneto

Too Poetic “God Made Me Funky”
Produced by: J. Tinsley and Paul C.
Appears on: “Poetical Terror” / “God Made Me Funky” VLS (1989, Tommy Boy Music)

Das EFX  “Hard Like A Criminal
Produced by: Solid Scheme
Appears on: Straight Out The Sewer VLS (1992, EastWest Records)

Tucka The Hunstman “The Hunt Is On”
Produced by: Tony Stoute
Appears on: “The Hunt Is On” / “Watch Your Back” VLS (1995, Profile)
Description: Who knows what happened to Tucka the Huntaman, but before he left, he sure did leave us with a memorable single. “The Hunt Is On” is not as well known as “the b-side Watch Ya Back,” but it’s just as raw. — Magneto

Salt N Pepa “I Desire”
Produced by: Stephen Keitt
Appears on: Hot, Cool, and Vicious (1986, Next Plateau)
Description: The ladies from the heart of Queens rhyme harder than a lot of the fellas at the time over two legendary samples (“Amen” and “Daisy Lady”). — Thun

UMC’s “Ill Demonic Clique”
Produced by: Hass G and Kool Kim
Appears on: Unleashed (1994, Wild Pitch)

Down N Dirty Tribe “Inna Cipher (Landcruiser Mix)”
Produced by: Dontay
Appears on: “Inna Cipher” / “Mind Trix” VLS (1995, Jungle Sounds Records)

Jaz ft. Jay-Z “It’s That Simple”
Produced by: Prince Paul
Appears on: Ya Don’t Stop (1991, EMI America)

CPO-Boss Hog “Just So Ya Know”
Produced by: Tony Green
Appears on: Various Above The Rim – Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture (1993, Death Row Records)
Description: Lil Nation aka CPO-Boss Hog  drops one of the best songs what is arguably best rap related soundtrack ever. — Magneto

Aboriginals  “Keep It Hot”
Produced by: Aboriginals
Appears on: “Keep It Hot” / “The Joint” VLS (1996, Mecca Life Recordings)
Description: Other Aboriginals songs resemble the dark, lo-fi sounds of the group’s contemporaries. “Keep It Hot” instead opts for a cool-out vibe which gives the emcees room to flex engaging patois-influenced styles. — Thun

Rhymfest feat. Percee Pee & Vakill “Keep The Fame”
Produced by: His-Panik
Appears on: E.C. and Rubberoom “Taste Of Chicago” / Chi-NY Network “Keep The Fame” VLS (1996, Molehole Records)

Dirt Nation  “Khadijah
Produced by: EdMan
Appears on: “Khadijah”/ “Jailbreak” VLS (1993, Zoo Street)
Description: Dirt Nation formed in college in Washington D.C. and with the help of Kedar Massenburg, inked a record deal and put out this song. Their album never materialized but “Khadijah” is one of the finest storytelling tracks the masses ever forgot. — Thun

Three Times Dope “Kick Dat Style”
Produced by: Ruggedness Madddrama
Appears on: Da Sequel  (1994, Acknickulous Records)
Description: Philly’s Three Times Dope were never quite able to recreate the success of their debut album, but they continued making good music. “Kick Dat Style” is the best cut from their mid-90s effort and stands the test of time to this day. — Thun

Melquan “Krunchtime (Lost His Mind Murder Mixx)”
Produced by: Terminator X
Appears on: “Krunchtime” VLS (1994, Rush Associated Labels)

House of Pain “Legend (Extended Mix)”
Produced by: DJ Lethal
Appears on: “Legend” / “Word Is Bond” Promo VLS (1994, Tommy Boy)
Description: This was not featured on the ’94 release Same As It Ever Was, so Tommy Boy decided to release it as a single featuring Diamond D on the flip with “Word Is Bond (Remix).” — Philaflava

Funkmaster Flex feat. Freddie Foxx, Havoc, Raekwon, Cool Whip, and Tragedy “Let’s Be Specific”
Produced by: Funkmaster Flex
Appears on: 60 Minutes of Funk – The Mixtape Volume I (1995, Loud Records)
Description:  Four NY veterans all deliver the goods on this collabo, which appears on the first edition of Flex’s 60 Minutes of Funk mixtape series. — Magneto

Sir Menelik “Let’s Build For A Sec”
Produced by: DJ Spinna
Appears on: Cyclops 4000 (Sir Menelik) The Einstein Rosen Bridge (2005, Traffic Entertainment Group)

Shyheim “Licka Shot”
Produced by: RNS
Appears on: “Pass It Off” VLS (1993, Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Description: Back then, 15 year old Wu-Tang affiliate knew which route to go: “I take it one day at a time cuz I’m immune to crime. I could be out there sellin’ crack, but I choose to rhyme.” Unfortunately by 17 he hit a fork in the road but we have this b-side from the “Pass It Off” single to be thankful for. — Philaflava

Brand Nubian “Lick Dem Muthaphuckas”
Produced by: Brand Nubian
Appears on: Various Menace II Society- Music From The Motion Picture (1993, Jive)

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