Prince Paul “Two Unreleased Tracks”

Thanks to Boothe from the Philaflava forum for spotting these 2 tracks on Mixcloud.

“Green eggs and swine , this was a song that was recorded for the derelicts of dialect album . Unfortunately this mix never made the album but was one of my favorites . The song is a bit too long but this was 1990 hip hop style production ..Hopefully you will enjoy the Prince Paul unreleased series of goodies more to come ! Why let it rot .. share music ..”


“This is a track I had never finished with Buckshot for the ” Politics of the biz ” album . The one that was released has Tre and Fatlip with Black ice .. This was left in the files unfinished . I figured its better shared than left in the computer to rot . “


A nice clip from an interview that Prince Paul did with Roc Raida (RIP) can be found on his Mixcloud page too. Any chance of getting Hip Hop Gold Dust part 2?


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2 Responses to “Prince Paul “Two Unreleased Tracks””

  1. Boothe says:

    Keeping a close eye on Paul’s mixcloud page. He’s probably my all time favorite producer, so any treats he can bless us with are pure gold.

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