Announcement: T.R.O.Y. Forum Update

Many of you wondering what’s up with the Google warning you receive when on Philaflava.com . Let me assure everyone that the redirecting file that was causing a false positive has been removed. Google has been advised of this and they’re in the process of reviewing the request and removing the message. You more than likely will receive this message using Firefox. Again, let me repeat, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with the forum. There is nothing malicious and currently no malware issues. We will continue to monitor these issues but unfortunately the Google warning is something we cannot control. The problem has been resolved and I wanted to let everyone know they’re safe to post at this time. You were always safe to post.

As for the T.R.O.Y. blog, well Thun and I are cooking up some marvelous shit as well as the other bloggers here. Summer is over and its time to take other blogs back to school (again).

Thank you for your continued support.

Jason Gloss

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