Random VLS Drops: Stezo – Bop Ya Headz (1994)

Stezo is a rapper and producer from New Haven, Connecticut. Before his rapping career, he was a dancer for EPMD and appeared in their video “You Gots To Chill” from their debut album Strictly Business (1988). Soon after that, he sought solo career as an hip hop artist and in 1989  he got deal with Sleeping Bag Records (Fresh Records) and released his debut solo album “Crazy Noise“, following two hit singles “Freak The Funk” and “It’s My Turn”. Despite all of the praise he got for his debut album, Stezo just disappeared and after 5 years of laying low, he came back and released this single that we are prezenting you now.


01. Bop Ya Headz (Vocal) Feat. Jim Slice
02. Bop Ya Headz (Dub)
03. Bop Ya Headz (Bonus) Feat. Jim Slice
04. Shining Star (Vocal)
05. Shining Star (Dub)

–>Download Bop Ya Headz VLS<–


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4 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: Stezo – Bop Ya Headz (1994)”

  1. matt says:

    dope track thanx for posting…in the beginning when the video is in black and white, one of the guys sure looks like tyler the creator…what’s up with that?

  2. I have this 12″ single. I wonder how many others do too??? Only havin the mp3 or any other digital file is pretty fuckin gay. Just sayin…

  3. Spen1 says:

    I’m gay, and I have the 12″ single… so Shaun…. whatup?

  4. cheech says:

    im from new haven and remember Stezo doing the kid n play dance jump thru yur leg on the local commercials for Star Tire…hes a barber in west haven now….peace to dooley-o and stezo…villeside all day

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