Jus’ Jeepin’ – 1993 Compilation

Thanks to Jazarino and Hqhiphop for posting this up. Looks like a janky compilation from some fly-by-night label in the 90s. Nonetheless, the track list knocks and I didn’t even know a few of these remixes existed. Still, no Jeep compilation is complete without Uncle LL. Just saying. –Philaflava

01 Main Source – Live At The Barbeque (Original Cookout Mix)
02 U.M.C.’s – Blue Cheese (U-N-I-Verse-All Mix)
03 Heavy D. & The Boyz – You Can’t See What I Can See
04 Organized Konfusion – Fudge Pudge (Bob T Mix)
05 Fu-Schnickens – True Fuschnick (Shaheed’s Fix)
06 Gang Starr – DWYCK
07 A.D.L. – Daddy
08 Little Shawn – I Made Love (4 Da Very 1st Time) (Big Bottom Remix)
09 Father MC – Lisa Baby (Hip Hop Fat Mix)
10 A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario
11 Dr. Dre introducing Snoop Doggy Dogg – Deep Cover (Soundtrack Mix)
12 Nasty Nas – Half Time (LP Version)
13 Ice Cube – Horny Lil’ Devil
14 Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill A Man (The Killer Mix)

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9 Responses to “Jus’ Jeepin’ – 1993 Compilation”

  1. Hudson says:

    I bought this on CD with a different, badly designed cover (I may have got Midnight Marauders on the same day). There was also a follow up a year or two later, Jus Jeepin Again, which had a pretty decent selection – it had the 45 King remix of Diamond D’s Best Kept Secret. They were both advertised heavily in Hip Hop Connection magazine when they came out. I think the label that put them out but out a few dance music comps with terrible artwork back then.

  2. TED says:

    i had this too, on cassette, after seeing the ad in hip hop connection.
    must be english due to the CORRECT spelling of flavour.

  3. This is a dope compilation, but at the same time, it’s nothin special. I own every one of those songs on 12″ vinyl singles or on their respective LP’s. And NONE of those songs are rare… Every one of you should own the original albums or 12″ singles they come from. Just sayin…

  4. step one says:

    I got this CD with the different artwork aswell. This and the follow up (which is better imo) was a bit of a god-send for me at the time as I was still in school and didnt have the cash to be buying all of those on 12″ (assuming I could find them in the first place)

    Good to see Wicked is still keeping real hip hop alive by still endlessly repeating the same mantra that he’s been churning for the last 3 years. Shouldnt you be taking photos in a kids playground somewhere?

  5. Wicked is no longer allowed near the playgrounds as he was caught one too many times lecturing the kids about his 12″ collection and they put him on a register.

    Thanks so much for this compilation. I was one of the folk that had it via HHC too and have kept an eye out for it ever since. So then, who’s got the second volume? Can anyone help?

    Prof Elemental

  6. I’m glad to see that good ‘ole Step Son still got The wicked 1ne on his mind. And what’s this 3 years talk??? I been talkin that real shit for 20+ years. Thought you knew? piss out

  7. I love how you lame “mp3 loving faggits” keep on clickin the thumbs down for my responses. Y’all just keep provin how thin skinned you really are. hahahahaha

  8. scuotty says:

    your block is the best,, thnx maaan for great rap music…
    big up from prague

  9. Benny B says:

    Me and my brother used to listen to this album all the time…my dad also said he was a true fuschnick….good times..
    Only thing is…the download link is dead…if someone could send me the file or link…that would be greaaat… i found a crappy version elsewhere on the internet, but a 320 version would sound awesome right now…much obliged..Peace from Amsterdam

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