Mobb Deep – Non-Album Tracks (1995-2000) *UPDATED

The T.R.O.Y. forum comes thru again. Thanks to Last Bref for cooking up some marvelous shit. There isn’t anything we haven’t heard on here, but it is nice to have them all together. It’s tough to argue a group that has a better non-album catalog than the Mobb. Links still work too! –Philaflava

Mobb Deep – Non-Album Tracks (1995-2000)

Part One
01. Survival Of The Fittest (Remix)
02. Shook Ones
03. Take It In Blood
04. Reach
05. Street Life (ft. ACD)
06. The War’s On (ft. The Almighty RSO)
07. Rep The QBC (ft. GOD Pt. 3)
08. Rare Species (Modus Operandi)
09. Untitled (ft. GOD Pt. 3)
10. Infamous Mobb (ft. Big Noyd)
11. Everyday Gun Play
12. Back At You
13. First Day Of Spring (ft. Tragedy Khadafi)
14. Eyes May Shine (Remix) (ft. Xzibit)
15. Recognize & Realize (Part 1) (ft. Big Noyd)
16. Crime Connection (Remix) (ft. Cormega)
17. It Could Happen To You (prod. DJ Muggs)
18. Live N*gga Rap (ft. Nas)
19. It’s The Pee ’97 (ft. PMD)
20. Mobb Of Steel (ft. Big Noyd)

Part Two
01. Legal Money (ft. Shaq & Lord Tariq)
02. In The Long Run (ft. Ty Nitty)
03. Hoodlum (ft. Big Noyd & Rakim) (Dirty)
04. Where Do We Go From Here (ft. Big Noyd & Chinky)
05. Recognize & Realize (Part 2) (ft. Big Noyd)
06. Know Da Game (ft. Kool G Rap & M.O.P.)
07. Three From NYC (ft. Big Noyd)
08. Perfect Plot (ft. Big Noyd)
09. Killaz Theme (ft. Cormega)
10. Feel My Gat Blow
11. Sheisty (ft. Big Noyd)
12. Power Raps
13. Thrill Me (Flippin’) (ft. Big Noyd)
14. QB Meets Southside (ft. Onyx)
15. Nobody Likes Me
16. Infamous (ft. Charli Baltimore & Mike Delorean)
17. Don’t Be A Follower
18. Shit That He Said (ft. Big Noyd)
19. Self Conscience (ft. Nas) (prod. Alchemist)
20. Deadly Zone (ft. Big Noyd & Bounty Killer)
21. Never Goin’ Back

PART 1 (MEGA 11/21/13)
PART 1 (FILE OVER 11/21/13)

PART 2 (MEGA 11/21/13)
PART 2 (FILE OVER 11/21/13)

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375 Responses to “Mobb Deep – Non-Album Tracks (1995-2000) *UPDATED”

  1. Spen1 says:

    luh this shit.. It Could Happen to You was my jam for a little.. they were with so many greats before they hit the new millennium. not sayin they wack at all but things changed that for sure

  2. ESEUNO says:

    Muchos Gracias on the dopeness.

    • Gerrie says:

      This does look prgnisimo. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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  3. PurpleKushY says:

    The link to this classic mix doesn’t work? Can you up with a different site?


  4. scjoha says:

    This is great!. Thanks for this massive comp. Classic Mobb always welcome. Glad that the troy non album comps come back, loved all those you had a few years back 8KRS, De La Soul, Black Sheep, Hieroglyphics – btw, can you please reup those Hiero comps? Missed those)

  5. PurpleKushY says:

    scjoha, can you please upload this on another file sharing site? megaupload is always stopping halfway through!

  6. Big ups to last bref for the dope compilation! And on top of that, he is all about GOOD QUALITY!! Not a lot of people who make these kinds of comps can say that. peace

  7. PurpleKushY says:

    Yo! can someone please up a different link, this one is DEAD!!!!!


  8. PurpleKushY says:

    Sigh, some corny fagget would rather thumbs down my request then spread the wealth of Mobb Deep classics..

    oh well.

  9. PurpleKushY says:


  10. mikelove says:

    no Quiet Storm demo version? really? its incomplete till then.

  11. Anoop says:

    good collection… very nice…

  12. Charles Darwin says:

    Any chance of a re-up please?
    I miss megaupload these days, keep coming across old megaupload links.

  13. Junior says:

    Only Part 1 for reupped, any shot of Part 2 coming back?

  14. Tony says:

    This thread is f***ing retarded… you do realize 90% of those songs are on an album….

    4. REACH – The Pre-Hell EP & Infamous Archives
    5. STREET LIFE – America Is Dying Slowly
    6. THE WAR’S ON – Doomsday: Forever RSO
    7. REP THE QBC – The Pre-Hell EP & Infamous Archives
    8. RARE SPECIES – Soul In The Hole Soundtrack
    9. UNTITLED – Infamous Archives
    10. INFAMOUS MOBB – Episodes Of A Hustla
    11. EVERYDAY GUN PLAY – The Pre-Hell EP & Infamous Archives
    12. BACK AT YOU – Sunset Park Soundtrack
    13. FIRST DAY OF SPRING – The Pre-Hell EP & Infamous Archives
    15. RECOGNIZE & REALIZE – Episodes Of A Hustla
    17. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU – Soul Assassins Volume 1
    18. LIVE NIG*A RAP – It Was Written
    19. IT’S THE PEE 97 – Only For The Real DJ Volume 1
    20. MOBB OF STEEL – Steel Soundtrack

    1. LEGAL MONEY – You Cant Stop The Reign
    2. IN THE LONG RUN – The Pre-Hell EP & Infamous Archives
    3. HOODLUM – Hoodlum Soundtrack
    5. RECOGNIZE & REALIZE PT 2 – Episodes Of A Hustla
    7. 3 FROM NYC – Gun Love EP
    8. PERFECT PLOT – Infamous Archives
    9. KILLAZ THEME – The Realness
    10. FEEL MY GAT BLOW – Slam Soundtrack
    13. THRILL ME – Gun Love EP
    14. QB MEETS SOUTHSIDE – Infamous Archives
    15. NOBODY LIKES ME – Violator The Album
    16. INFAMOUS – Cold As Ice
    17. DONT BE A FOLLOWER – Black & White Soundtrack
    19. SELF CONSCIENCE – QB’s Finest
    20. DEADLY ZONE – Blade Soundtrack
    21. NEVER GOIN BACK – Any Given Sunday Soundtrack

    ..you clearly are not a true mobb deep fan if you didnt know that ALL those songs were on albums…. you suck at life

  15. Krypton says:

    Would you be able to re-upload this seeing as the links are down?

  16. Slopdoc says:

    Very sad that Mobb deep had to sign with G unit very very sad. and pretty much all of the songs listed are on the internet you tube or other sites.

  17. I searched for a working username and password for hours..finally i found..

    b-boyz Megaupload – http://b-boyz.com/?id=100237

  18. MadSpecialist says:

    Thanks for resharing, R.I.P. Prodigy.

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    • Since these are theatres other than Her Majesty’s will this version of the show be something more like The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall was, with the TV screens for the scene changes and the chandelier that doesn’t fall? Or will it be just like the Her Majesty’s version?

    • Word!! Yall gon’ have to do a big email/phone-text blast reminder of this airing… February 12th is long ways away for a nigga like me to remember this coming on lol! But fuck it yo… i’ll record that joint… i wanna see THIS! Nike’s been a landmark in hip-hop society for ages… too bad Adidas aint stayed up on their game as consistent with us… the Superstar Shell Toe & Pat Ewing aint enough to hold a whole segment… sorry. But it’s good to see that at least ONE of yall made it!

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    • KK, UMYA is just telling us with style that nothing has changed. It is still business as usual, the man is just pretending so that we will leave him to continue in office and think he is a good man. Bet me, he is going to be worse than Obasanjo.

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