Native Nutts – The Nutts Are Restless

Long before he crafted smash hits for the likes of T.I. and Young Jeezy, DJ Toomp produced an entire album for a duo known as the Native Nuttz. Released in 1994, The Nativez Are Restless is a smoothed out album filled with funky beats, chanted hooks and back and forth rhymes from the two MCs. Sounding a little like a combination of west coast production and east coast styles, the album is filled with gems that would be welcomed in any golden age catalogue. 

Right from the jump, this album brings to mind the energy and eccentricity of Souls of Mischief dancing around in natural scenery during the “93 Til Infinity.” “Rock Rock On” glides across the speakers, complete with a Slick Rick sample and three verses which may not be huge on substance but are certainly entertaining along with the happy-go-lucky beat. “Skinflower” boasts a down-tempo blunted backdrop as the crew chants out an old-school sounding hip hop hook.

One of the highlights on this record is “Pazz Tha Puddin,” as both rappers kick flows to females over a bass-driven beat complemented by hard hitting, neck breaking drums. “Fruit-N-Slide” and “All N Da Splendor” are also gems, the former having a dance-floor vibe to it while the latter finds guest Dave Nitty contributing a solid verse to the laid back boom bap production. “Give A (Shout)” and “Erect From The Slumz” are great examples of this group’s Buckwild-influenced production.

Not much information is available for this release as it seems to have flown all the way under the radar.  Overall the group has a vibe similar to the likes of The Artifacts and Das EFX, raw raps over head-bobbing beats. You won’t find excessive amounts of knowledge or quotables on The Nativez Are Restless, but you will get some great hip hop that’s perfect for any sunny day. Whether relaxing by the pool or chilling at a BBQ, this first and only record from the Native Nuttz is further proof of the immense amount of classic hip hop from the golden age era.

Pazz The Puddin’

All N Da Splendor

Erect From Tha Slumz

— C-Dub

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