Mannish – Jive U The Mann (video)

Remember Mannish?

Mannish was a duo, Jekill and Jive, from Los Angeles. They released their album Audio Sedative in 1995 on Correct Records, the same label that issued Al’ Tariq’s God Connections. Their most recognizable tracks are “Expect That”, “Mannish”, “Tasha’s Room” and “Jive U The Mann”. On the scratches they had DJ Nu-Mark, whom you probably know as a DJ and producer in the Jurassic 5.


Im guessing you all have watched their video for “Expect That”, but i have always thought there must be at least one more video, either for “Tasha’s Room” or “Jive U The Mann” so i went on youtube few days ago and typed those two titles and there it goes, video for “Jive U The Mann”


Enjoy! — Markshot

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