It’s a lazy afternoon…

It’s one of those Sundays so if you ain’t got shit to do, download a few of these albums courtesy of Jaz and the T.R.O.Y. forum and just chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill. –Philaflava

01 – Dirty Cop Named Harry
02 – Nigga For Hire
03 – Ghetto Love
04 – Thoughts Of A Negro
05 – Opposite Side
06 – Road To The Precinct
07 – Blow To The Head
08 – Hands Of A Stranger
09 – Runaway Child, Running Wild
10 – Young Black Male
11 – Young Guns
12 – Strictly From The Bronx


A1 Intro
A2 Itz Da Joint
A3 Time To Pay The Piper
A4 Ain’t It A Shame
A5 Gotta Give It Up
A6 Pull The Plug
A7 Burgers On The Grill
A8 Fuck What Ya Heard
B1 What’s A Joint Venture
B2 Right To Left
B3 Interview
B4 Somethin’ For The Head
B5 Treat ‘Em Like A Man
B6 Revenge
B7 Rock To The Rhythm
B8 Shouts Outti


A1 N-Chro Won 0:30
A2 Nobody Duz Me! 3:56
A3 Traumastyle 2:29
A4 Dramastyle 2:39
A5 PSA (Keep A Pack In Ya Purse) 1:57
A6 Lou Raw 4:35
A7 Earth 1:27
A8 Heaven 1:05
A9 (You Don’t Wan’t) No Trouble 3:24
B1 N-Chro Too 0:25
B2 Cultcha-A-Darkness 2:11
B3 Th’ Swimsuit Issue 3:00
B4 Tryin’ Ta Stop Ya 1:16
B5 (Just Another) Hate Song 4:51
B6 Sunshine 2:55
B7 Yajaha 1:31
B8 Total Hegemony 2:19
B9 U-Who-Is-God 1:34


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3 Responses to “It’s a lazy afternoon…”

  1. That hard knocks album is stupid def (sorry, been listening to a lot of 80s rap lately)- and has a very distressing/ amusing song about man on man rape as I remember. (That’s not a reason no tot download it though, the other tunes are ace).

  2. Jaz says:

    Good looking out, I cannot take the credit though, that goes to Janka-Man from Olas Un Bekons Blog http://www.olasunbekons.com for the high quality rips.


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