Happy Belated Birthday D-Moe!

(EDITORS NOTE) Belated but definitely well worth it.

June 27 is the 178th day of the year on the Gregorian calendar. So with 187 days left until the end of the year, it was only appropriate that Manchild, Delo, Propain, Le$, Kane, and Kirko drop a tribute song to the legendary June 27th freestyle, because they killed it.  But let us not forget and give Yungstar’s version of the June 27th freestyle middle child syndrome.  Although in the original version Big Moe indicates that the date June 27th is his friend D-Moe’s birthday, it is Yungstar’s version where D-Moe actually lays down a verse:

Verse 5:  Album 1 of Yungstar’s Throwed Yung Playa, D-Moe tells us–

June 27th been said been stated/ coming through this thang and im feeling really lated/steady coming down /and boy aint nothing changed/cuz yes big D-Moe steady rolling on thangs…Trickin fools tryin’ play my click/ taking my birthday tryin’ to get rich/ and im gonna stress it cuz I aint Fake/ sit back and wait for these fools to try to hate/ and when they hate im there/ cuz im putting it in they face, trying paper chase/ they gonna lose the race/ we spraying fools like mace.

But now that we know whose birthday we are celebrating and we don’t look like a bunch of lukewarm Christians on December 25, let us proceed to why this tribute is so important.  From its immaculate conception, Houston rap has always had a strong underground following. At one point the whole world was screwed up. But we lost some prophets[1] and others lost faith. Although the mixtape crusade was strong, we were not on TV just heavy in the streets.[2] As a traditionalist screw-head I did not want to see a reform. I saw signs from early on and realized it was inevitable.  But after this posse cut drop, I’m proud to say H-town has been born again. [3]

Ok close your hymnals, this sermon theme is weird. I want to mention something that may not have been intentional but is definitely reflective. Apropos an inquiry made in Shea Serrano’s supportive article expressing the Eudaimonia in these new Houston rappers, well, “[W]ho anointed these guys leaders of the new school?”

Personally, I don’t think anybody did. The music video takes place at two locations: The Screw Shop and King’s Best Market.

Back in the day, DJ Screw would put members of the SUC and other H-town rappers on screw tapes. Those tapes were sold at the Screw Shop and those tapes tended to “make” Houston rappers.  In other words the careers of many H-town rappers started at the Screw House.  It is no coincidence that this video for these up and coming rappers begins at the Screw House.  These guys aren’t trying to borrow none, in fact it seems like they’d prefer to start out at the bottom then go to the top, just like their predecessors.

The rest of the video takes place outside of and within King’s Best Market. Interestingly, no one’s jewelry game is on point, there are no S.L.A.B.s in the parking lot, and there are no females anywhere to be found. But, Marcus Manchild is in the Ice Room looking at jewelry, Delo is in M. A. Car Audio looking at car stereo systems, and H-Kane is in M. A. Car Audio looking at rims and swangers.

Soon enough these guys will be buying and flossin’. But as of now it doesn’t seem like these guys even consider themselves leaders of the new school. They are just paying dues. Although I’d love to see them carry the torch, let’s not be psycho- soccer dads by classifying these rappers and telling them what sports they have to play.[4]

Assuming arguendo that these guys decide to carry the torch, don’t get it twisted; these guys aren’t reinventing the wheel. They are just taking it apart to put it back together, which seems like a sure sign of admiration. Now that’s player-made.  By the way props to Propain for shouting out to Botany Boys. Thought I was the only one still jamming those big shots.

Please take some time to enjoy all the versions of June 27th. –Droopy

The original




Yungstar’s version


The new version



[1] Big Mello,Big Steve,Big Moe,Hawk,Fat Pat,K-Ruger,BG Gator,Pimp C

[2] Slim Thugg Twitter quote.

[3] Not that we EVER fell off!

[4] In a comment Thun said that blindly comparing the old to the new “is patently ridiculous on so many levels, and that kind of fanboy hyperbolic nonsense is only going to be damaging to” new artists in the long run.

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