2Pac – NY ’87 feat. Kurupt, Threat & Daz (Jeru, B.I.G., Mobb Deep, ATCQ diss)

A bunch of disses on this thing. Did anyone know about this track? Channel Live, Jeru The Damaja, Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep, Tragedy Khadafi, and A Tribe Called Quest all get called out on this one. I can honestly say this is the first time I’m hearing this track and knew nothing about it prior to Magneto dropping it on Philaflava.


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11 Responses to “2Pac – NY ’87 feat. Kurupt, Threat & Daz (Jeru, B.I.G., Mobb Deep, ATCQ diss)”

  1. Spen1 says:

    yo this ain’t ’87…

  2. Pooch says:

    They are stating that the title is NY ’87, not that it was made in ’87.

  3. Pooch says:

    If you listen to the end of the song, that is what they are shouting. Spen1 you are a dumba$$. Quick to jump in and try to correct someone, on something that you clearly didn’t listen to.

  4. Spen1 says:

    You’re 100% right, ain’t tryina come off like I listened to tha whole thing (which i always tell my homies to do). I misread the title… I jus heard the noises/samples and knew it wasn’t before 94/95 ish.. My bust, no frontin on the writer or Pac or nothin… Ha like anyone on this Blog would think Pac had beef wit jeru or tribe in 87?? humble apologies.

  5. Pooch says:

    Spen1, after reading your follow up comment, let me take back the dumba$$ remark. Clearly, you are more mature than a lot of others on the internet. You could’ve never replied back or replied in a whole other fashion. I respect the hell out of your reply, Big Up’s.

    BTW, I wish people would leave comments as opposed to tweets, I believe that it kills the conversation that the site is about.

  6. Spen1 says:

    Word up. Don’t get it twisted I know my shit! I was just hasty to comment. Again my bust, thanks for keepin me in check Pooch.

  7. hughphug says:

    its a fucking horrible track though, pointless

  8. Blaisman says:

    Great rare track. Clearly it’s not ’87 but if it was then maybe hip hop wouldn’t be faggot status like it is today

  9. bbk says:

    A 2pac forum leaked this on 06-28-2011

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