“World Supreme Hip Hop” Sneak Preview – Freshco & Miz Documentary

Stop what you’re doing. Forget about a bunch of mostly technically deficient LA teen skaters and their bumbling raised-on-the-internet DJ. Forget about brain damaged, promethazine addled Bay Area hipster bait novelty acts getting put on by a still-racist industry. Worry not about the failed fantasy league camp project consisting of a titanically egotistical Mount Vernon producer and a perpetually underperforming Brooklyn duo. Concentrate on this fifteen minute sneak peak into a documentary on Frescho & Miz:

This is the story of two young perfectionists (average, NON-gangster types) from distant cities who once won the World Rap and DJ contests in the same year and then joined forces (the finals were aired on MTV – Sponsored by Word Up! magazine). Re-live their rise to Hip Hop fame and see how they impacted the culture before suddenly disappearing from the music scene.

CAMEOS INCLUDE: Ice T, Ice Cube, DJ Enuff, MC Lyte, Treach, Kool DJ Red Alert, Monie Love, Dres, Phife, Yo-Yo, D Nice, MC Serch, Ed Lover & Dr. Dre, Guru, and DJ Wiz of Kid N Play.

Don’t speak of “random rap,” or “has-beens” or “also-rans” or the “geographical prejudice of the accepted canon.” Sit down, shut up and joyously watch the footage in the sneak peak. There’s a goddamned 1990 cipher with Freshco, LONS, and Dres. Footage of Grand Puba rocking live. Freshco and Miz’s virtuosic performances. This is just the sneak peak. Be excited about this even though it appears to have a budget of $100 and won’t generate much interest. Live your life, goddamnit. Big up to Verge for finding this.

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