Remember when Ras Kass used to be dope?

Remember those days? If you’re like me you probably held Mr. Austin in very high regard. I bet you thought he could be a top 5 lyricist one day too. Well, this isn’t about playa hating. Not about hating on anyone trying to get money because I can assure you this ain’t going to do it. This is about how one of the most gifted lyricists of all-time completely pissed away his career with horrible career decisions. I won’t even touch on the life decisions because we all make mistakes, but since Pac died the Leftcoast hasn’t been right.

Ras Kass had the ability to be one of the greatest. He completely has stayed fucking up with dumb decisions like these. Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong after you listen to this bullshit. Victor Maitland stays laughin’ at this crap.

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13 Responses to “Remember when Ras Kass used to be dope?”

  1. Spen1 says:

    yeah i miss the Come Widdit shit… “flash you like a paparazzi star”??? garbage… what a shame.

  2. That made my ears bleed and my brain hurt. It sounded like it how it would feel eating a tinfoil sandwich. Horrible, just horrible.

    Let’s get with some more naming and shaming- we don’t do it enough, time to call some of these scoundrels out!

  3. fresh says:

    yo finally someone speaks on this shit. I thought ADIDAS was HORRIBLE. but nobody seemed to think so… this rite here is an all time low for him. this is on some softy shit. whack.

  4. Andy says:

    Jeez! What the fuck has happened to the “Rass”? Speaking volumes on supa-hits such as “Soul On Ice”, Marinatin'”, not forgetting countless guest spots on some seriously phat joints with the cream of the hip-hop biz, this cat has guaranteed his place in the all-time rap hall of fame. But then…this! OMFG! Someone shoot these wannabe “Pop-Hop” divas now! How many more will there be?

    They do not deserve any of our respect if this is what they resort to. Can “Rassman” redeem himself, I wonder?

    Sorry, Rass. This is one mistake too far. Roll on Necro dueting with Miley Cyrus.


  5. PDL says:

    nature of the threat is one of my all time favorites. how the mighty have fallen.

  6. Kwestionmark says:

    …what the hell?????????

  7. MrSlowFlow says:

    Ras Kass lost his edge ever since he got locked up back in 03-04. Don’t know what happened, but he just doesn’t have it anymore

  8. George says:

    I think Ras hangs out with too many white people

  9. chronwell says:

    Im gonna throw out 5 Ras Kass tunes all yall need to check before yall start tryna e-lynch my man. He brought a certain kinda intelligence to hiphop. Folks who supported him at any time since 2000 know what I mean. I know this tune’s wack but He’s still dope.

    Air em Out
    Burn this Bitch Down
    Behind the Music
    Inner G(4 HRSMN)

    Get hip! come out from the caves, yall not knowin!

  10. night_shade says:

    The dude drank away his intelligence…happens to the best of them.

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