Saafir – “Just Riden” (video)

When listening to Boxcar Sessions and I hear “Just Riden” I often wondered why this track doesn’t have a video even though it was released as a single. I was pretty much shocked at the end of January when I saw this video posted in “Music Videos You Never Knew Existed” thread by Jayou Ayen. If you haven’t seen it so far  you have a chance now. Enjoy! — Markshot


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5 Responses to “Saafir – “Just Riden” (video)”

  1. Slick Vicious says:

    LOL Daaam! They hit that lick n got away! Lol MTV/BET ain’t showing that kinda stuff on TV n 94. I bet that’s why we never knew this video existed… Yo, I used to bang this song when cats were barely on Battle Drill n Light Sleeper. This was my joint. Good lookin’ Markshot and the glorious TROY Blog for this epic find.

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