Style Wars – Restored?

The homie blessingindisguise linked us to the official site of Style Wars, where it appears that money is being raised to restore the groundbreaking documentary so that it will have “unprecedented sharpness and clarity and the vibrant colors of the painted trains will be revealed in their original intensity.”


I don’t know about you, but the prospect of seeing Ed Koch’s “let’s use wolves instead” speech in thrilling high definition makes me feel hopeful for the future. More info here. Now we won’t be raising money here because let’s face it, the global recession makes that unfeasible. But you can show your support by inundating our comments section with quotes from the flick. We’ll start with: “You DO doodle!” Add on.

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9 Responses to “Style Wars – Restored?”

  1. done says:

    “What do you write?” “I write Mar, man” “Mare???”

    The scene with Skeme’s mother is gold. My brother is heavy into graf (or was, at least) so I’ve had this and Wild Style drilled into me from an early age. He even had that class re-release with the bonus disk where all the writers go back to the scene of the crime twenty years later.

    I tried to follow in his footsteps when I was a kid but I was too shook tbh. I’m planning on taking them “hip hop dancing” classes that nice lady at my local gym runs so thats one element sorted at least.

    Wish I could remember where I read that breakdown why grafitti is nonsense from a few years back. I remember it being pretty funny, kinda hard to argue with too.

  2. ESEUNO says:

    Super duty tough work…

  3. Lovegrove says:

    “I’m not an art crim… critic”

    “I’ll kill you man” (old tart in the gallery)

    “Boom Boom Boom” Cap

  4. Charmsalot says:

    With his Lucille Ball hair do……

    He went over my Fat Albert…….

    This is it, this is it, this is it!!!!

  5. PurpleKushY says:

    *Plays Blackstar’s Respiration intro

  6. frank_be says:

    Niggaz know, niggaz know… foe-eva

  7. Erica says:

    At this time I am going to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming over
    again to read other news.

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