Random VLS Drops: Akinyele “The Bomb” (1993)

One of the greatest slept on artists, Akinyele brought us Vagina Diner, a crazy, dope and funny as hell LP. Production on the album was completely handled by Large Professor. I’m still thinking: great flow, funny lyrics, awesome production, how the heck Akinyele hasn’t Akinyele enjoyed greater success? Enjoy!


01. The Bomb (LP Version)

02. The Bomb (Instrumental)

03. No Exit (LP Version)

04. Outta State (LP Version)

Like i said for the Earthquake post, feel free to add some of your own thoughts. Peace. — Markshot

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3 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: Akinyele “The Bomb” (1993)”

  1. BQE says:

    I still pump Vagina Diner on the reg…Large pro did his shit on the production tip…How he is not mentioned with the great producers is beyond me…he’s in my top 5…I luv her is my fav off this album.

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  2. SampleHipHop says:

    Very dope, thx for this!

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