Black Thought – “Men At Work” at The Roots Picnic (mp3)


The homie from NYC, Fat Boy Brandon, had this to say about Black Thought’s recent live rendition of Kool G Rap’s classic “Men At Work”:

Just wanted to drop this here to see what ya think, I know Kool G Rap’s Men At Work must rank highly in alota people’s lyrics of the late 80’s. Sounds like a challenge to recite that song in a live performance with no hypeman but I think Black Thought did well. Take a listen if you haven’t heard this already, it’s audio from this year’s Roots Picnic in Philly.

Download The Roots Men @ Work


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3 Responses to “Black Thought – “Men At Work” at The Roots Picnic (mp3)”

  1. Stroydnaire says:

    Why was I not here???? I really need to get to the picnic one year. I could hit up Campos on Market…….good steak!

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