The Kings Of Bass – Bass Patrol

By request the  inimitable Galvatron78 is back to educating us about Miami/ATL/Southern Bass:

This right here is a classic before DJ Fury went the Car Audio route. This album was on some hood shit with bass that kicked you in the got-damn chest and fierce disses to their soon-to-be rival DJ Magic Mike. One MC (RX Lord) One DJ (DJ Fury) battle raps about cocaine and “splackin’ thick hoes” and 2 DJ solos and a bitchslap to DJ Magic Mike and MC ADE (Raid With a Gauge) makes a classic in 1992. The lead rapper “RX Lord” was in my opinion too good to be a Bass Rapper, he was only 16/17 years old on this and when he rapped about a specific subject or focused enough to diss someone he had some dope verses. On a sidenote…anyone that can flip Morris Day and The Times “Gigolos get Lonely Too” gets much love from me. This particular album is also a piece of history because it contains the first ever “Screwed” song (Twenty 15’s) on an album put out nationwide. I’ll do a blog/post on that subject later since i know the specifics on that claim but anyway this album is a Florida classic and still shatters windows to this day.

Tracklist and download link after the jump.

01. Bass Patrol – 30`s-N-Low`s
02. Bass Patrol – Sweet Nothings
03. Bass Patrol – Bump-N-Knock
04. Bass Patrol – All Ho`s…
05. Bass Patrol – Where The Freaks At
06. Bass Patrol – Raid With A Gauge
07. Bass Patrol – King Of Bass
08. Bass Patrol – Lets Take A Ride
09. Bass Patrol – Its The D.J.
10. Bass Patrol – Twenty 15`s (Bp Drag)
11. Bass Patrol – Da Mad Scientist
12. Bass Patrol – Furys Bass


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6 Responses to “The Kings Of Bass – Bass Patrol”

  1. Black Beans says:

    After 20 years…still the hardest thing come out of Orlando.

    • DannyBoy says:

      If they were from Orlando you might have an argument… But they are from Seminole County. Not Orange.

  2. FunkaHolic says:

    Crazy bass on this … Dope

    Peace & One

  3. rob says:

    please repost!

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