De La Soul Is Alive And Well

At least here on TROY. A few recent posts from around the blogosphere have focused on De La Soul.

Claa7 of The Lost Tapes blog recently put together a compilation called Three The Soulful Way, which he describes as “a collection of no less than 20 songs from the period between 1989 and 1994, carefully sequenced and arranged for the perfect De La experience.” Sounds good to us. Click on the album cover to download, and be sure to leave some feedback for Claa7 back at his blog.

Over at Scratch Reaction, Roy Johnson recently uploaded a live performance from De La Soul’s first tour in 1989. “Here’s a soundboard from De La Soul’s “Three Feet High & Rising” tour,” he writes, indicating to the real fans that this recording does the group’s legendary live show justice. You can peep audio snippets, download the whole set, and leave Roy some feedback here.

How crazy is it that Three Feet High and Rising was released 20 years ago? Tell those darned kids to get off the potholes in your lawn already.

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4 Responses to “De La Soul Is Alive And Well”

  1. Droopy says:

    i liked this. jammed the whole thing while making greens this evening

  2. claaa7 says:

    that’s dope y’all are enjoying the compilation. props for posting

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