Touring The States: Houston, TX

We’re still in Texas.

What can i tell you about this album is that it is pure smoothness. Well ok, only track number 5 doesn’t fit in the “smoothness” concept, but you will like this album anyway, i’m sure.


01. Sunny Day Parlee
02. Coupe De Lack
03. It’s The Weekend
04. Pimp Tight
05. Aggravated Tank
06. Yo Bro
07. South Coast Jazz
08. Can You Dig It
09. Jazzy Jeep
10. Lil Dog Gone Bad
11. Nasty Thoughts
12. Wings Of No Love
13. It’s The Weekend (Remix)

–>Download It’s The Weekend<–



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8 Responses to “Touring The States: Houston, TX”

  1. yoyosucka says:

    I love this album, but Alex P Body is not from H-town. He is from Dallas, more particular Oak Cliff if I am not mistaken. I like this column, nice to see you giving shine to some slept-on gems from other states than NY. I see you are up on your Ft. Worth game too. A nice pick is definitely Coop MC – Home of the killers. Since you did not actually visit Houston, you can maybe up that Handyman – Adventures of the handyman in stead. Think it will fit the mood of the column and probably one pick that ny dudes havent heard before 🙂

  2. Markshot says:

    Thanks. Well i was searching and searching to find correct info from which town he is, and all of searches led me to houston.

    I know about Coop MC and that album will appear next on here.

    Much appreciated, i will definitely check that Handyman album.
    Keep following this series.

  3. Pooch says:

    Man, the album cover makes me think of the YouTube girl who sings “Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday”. Now my Friday is totally screwed cause I can’t get that song out of my head.


  4. yoyosucka says:

    Just picked up my copy of that Handy Man again. It was not that great as i remember. Has some real tight tracks though. Just love that track with the prince sample. That track there is a post on this column alone. But another good pick is definitly that Ka’*V*R – Just Ballin. It got some real insane laidback tracks on there and some real nice r&b blends to settle the relaxing mood too. Mike Dean done did som productionand mixing on that too. Its a real slept-on hidden gem like many others from H-town. Their first album is even doper i think, never heard that though. Its insanely rare. If you have not heard that, pick that shit up! Peep that title track just ballin off youtube. One of my fav unheard of joints from H-town.

    Ps: Dont be thrown off by the cover. Its the worlds most cheezy cover and not in the good way like p&p.

  5. PAS says:

    That cover is truly amazing.

  6. Droopy says:

    I am lovin this man, thanks this is soo dope

  7. Eneida Eon says:

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