El-P Discusses Kid Hood’s “Drop The Bomb”

We thought we had uncovered an actual demo of the legendary Kid Hood (of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” 7 MCs Remix fame), but it turns out there’s a more elaborate story involving El-P, Anttex, Stretch and Bobbito, and others. El-P explains that:

before co flow dropped juvenile technics anttex and i combined gear and set up a studio together in manhattan. anttex was, at one point, friends with kid hood. not long after he passed, anttex brought the kid hood tape (we were using 6 track cassette recorders at the time) by the studio. i dont remember how he had it, exactly, but i know he had worked with him so im assuming it was from those sessions. the tape didnt have a beat. it was just a vocal.

i remember that the beat i made for it was supposed to land differently, but because of the shitty set up (6 track cassette decks midi’d to a relatively primitive computer) it wasnt synching up the way we thought it would. that said, it sounded so raw that i just went with it, and thats what you hear today … i remember we were all high as shit listening to this amazing rapper over this beat and feeling like his ghost was in the room with us (again… high).

Read more at El-P’s blog. Noz says that this leaves us more in the dark about Kid Hood than ever before, with his life story largely untold and an Afros-produced demo collecting dust. But it also means that the stratum of the past NYC rap scene that was never globalized and commodified still has jewels left for us to discover.

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5 Responses to “El-P Discusses Kid Hood’s “Drop The Bomb””

  1. ESEUNO says:

    And THIS is why I check this blog e’day! The history man, the history. Peace

  2. Anttex says:

    I recorded the original track in my basement in Queens. The day we recorded it, Kid Hood, Havoc, Lil’ D and Killa Sha (Prince AD) were in the room. That was way before I helped EL-P make his first record, way before he cut my throat on Bobbito’s show. Kid Hood spit that off the head. No notepad. Extreme attention to detail and ill off the top of the head. We did like two takes. He was one of the best MC’s I ever worked with. His only rival out of the kids I jumped off was Havoc.

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