Random VLS Drops: INI – Fakin Jax (1996)

I guess we all have mastered this track. In case you forgot or don’t know who INI are, just click here.


01. Fakin Jax (Album Version) Feat. Pete Rock
02. Fakin Jax (Rude Youth Mix) Feat. Pete Rock & Mekolicious
03. Fakin Jax (Album Instrumental)
04. Props (Album Version)
05. Fakin Jax (Rude Youth Mix Instrumental)
06. Fakin Jax (Album Acappella)

–>Download Fakin Jax VLS<–


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4 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: INI – Fakin Jax (1996)”

  1. Alvin says:

    Been looking for “Props” on MP3 for ages. Big up!

  2. Moods says:

    been lookin for this.. but the links down man

  3. Donald Walker says:

    I’m wondering what the image on the Fakin Jax single is?

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