Jamie Sommers – The Illest Female MC That Never Was

She was famously referenced as having been “trained on the tour bus” and then briefly spit a couple bars to start off one of Ghostface’s most venomous bitch tracks, “Wildflower”, but Jamie Sommers was more than just some hoe the Wu-Tang had plowed through, she was one of the sharpest voices to wear the W on her back. Though limited in material, when she did touch the mic it was with a sexy, yet razor cutting style. Her flow was vicious, which a lot of rappers may be capable of, but her bars were so gritty and focused, you played her verses back instead of just letting your ears wander when she hit the track.

For starters, she got verses on the first two RZA albums. On Bobby Digital In Stereo her sword swipes may have been missed as she was competing with Ghostface, Islord and Timbo King all on “Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)”. Plus if anything, on that album she’s most remembered for yelling that everything about RZA’s life “ain’t shit” on “Domestic Violence”. On Digital Bullet however, she was essentially given her own song, “Break Bread”. For two verses with only a minor contribution from RZA in between, Jamie absolutely rips apart the track from seam to seam, starting off slow and standard but then warping her words and flow into this fast-paced race to get as many bars out as possible, but with precise meaning and expertise. She was that song, especially since the beat was a simple bass line and drum loop. She even spit a little sing-a-long hook at the end which only widened her skill set. She truly had everything you could want out of a female MC.

Now there’s speculation that Ghostface wrote her verses. While you can’t tell from “Bobby Did It”, “Break Bread” clearly has D. Coles marked in the credits even though he doesn’t rap on the song, which would make sense since she would best be labeled as the female Ghost. But she got other verses, like on “Rap Scholars”, a random track off the Protect Ya Neck compilation featuring Deadly Venoms. She also appeared on hooks for songs by Cappadonna and Shyheim, providing that raw female voice needed for bitch-influenced tracks (the Shyheim song is actually called “Wildflower 2000”, a call back to her first appearance on Ghostface’s classic).

I’d almost be willing to bet that she never caught on because she was too hardcore. Her raps were fierce, her voice piercing, and even though to those hard-rockin raw doggin’ mafuckas she sexy as hell, you can’t really put her on a track unless you wanna leave the whole room feeling like they’re less than men at that point. A short lived career from a solid female MC, Jamie Summers came and went too quick, but her bars will forever be cemented on classic Wu-Tang albums and even though they are few and far between, she still left a mark that is distinguishably Wu and will allow her verses to be discovered for years to come.

Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)

Break Bread

Rap Scholars (feat. Deadly Venoms)

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