Random VLS Drops: Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers (Bulk Version) (1996)

There are several different releases of this single. One dropped on UK’s Mo Wax, other one on DreamWorks Records and this one right here on Bulk Recordings. There is also a reissue of this single from 2001 released on 75 Ark.


01. Blue Flowers (Original Mix)
02. Blue Flowers (Instrumental)
03. Mr. Gerbik : Halfsharkalligatorhalfman
04. Blue Flowers (Acapella)
05. Blue Flowers (Prince Paul’s So Beautiful Mix)
06. Blue Flowers (Prince Paul Instrumental)
07. Blue Flowers (Automator’s Stop Confusing Me Remake)
08. Blue Flowers (Remake Instrumental)

–>Download Blue Flowers VLS<–


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2 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers (Bulk Version) (1996)”

  1. Random VLS Drops: Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers (Bulk Version) (1996) http://bit.ly/it2KjT

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