Kid Hood “Drop The Bomb” (update: It’s Not A Demo, technically)

One who is in spiritual essence.

Courtesy of Verge’s fly “Live From The Living Room” YouTube Channel:

Thanks to Steve Brock, Nobs and Aleph from the T.R.O.Y. forum at philaflava for this one. Also Stretch and Bobbito and El-P. Most heads always thought that the only verse Kid Hood ever dropped was on the Scenario remix since he was supposedly killed within two weeks of dropping the verse in the studio. So we have no idea when this was recorded or if there’s anymore out there. I had this on a Stretch n Bob tape that I lost within days. I always remembered it because of the hook and sample but I never realized that it was Kid Hood.


Download “Drop The Bomb” along with other Stretch and Bobbito rarities demo joints here.

CORRECTION: It’s not actually a demo, but an El-P produced “remix” of an acapella. Read more. — The editors.

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5 Responses to “Kid Hood “Drop The Bomb” (update: It’s Not A Demo, technically)”

  1. Boothe says:

    Good job to all involved.

    This is an incredible find.

  2. An amazing find by the good folks at Philaflava, @troyblog and @Verge001. Kid Hood Demo (1991?) #ATCQ http://tinyurl.com/3c4q2gn

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