Touring The States: Fort Worth, TX

More Fort Worth classics.

Gena Cide are Six 2 and El-Dog. You may find yourself more familiar with Six 2 as he was featured on Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic 2001” and on D.O.C.’s “Deuce” album.


01. Channal Changes
02. Waste Uva Cular
03. Geto Ride Intro
04. Geto Ride
05. Da Citi
06. On The G
07. Sumthin 2 Fuck Wit Cha
08. Pympin Aint Changed
09. Neva 2 Much Luv
10. Take A Bullet
11. Mi Mon E Lookin Fun E
12. Burn 1
13. Koke-Kanin Thang
14. Country Shouts
15. Geto Ride (Instrumental)
16. Waste Uva Cular (Reprise)

–>Download Waste Uva Cular<–



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6 Responses to “Touring The States: Fort Worth, TX”

  1. dochiphop says:

    this is one of my favorite albums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dope Tx funk.

  2. tacnician says:

    Hey just saw your post and wondered if you can reup the gena cide download? Very good and hard to find album.
    Props from Germany

  3. Have yourself a very good day!

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