Bust Down “Nasty Bitch”


Our associate Galvatron drops the facts:

Bustdown was a rapper out of the Westbank section of New Orleans and was briefly on Luke Skyywalker’s record label. Most rap historians know him from his stellar verses on “Pussy Ass kid and Hoe Ass Play” on Luke’s solo album when he dropped jewels like

“Keep runnin’ your big mouth/ but come to my hood you’ll get your asshole ripped out!!”

and mocked the fellow kick-Steppers with lines such as

“You got a flat-top thicker than commodity cheese!”

“You made a second movie and it figures….two house Parties for two House Ass Niggas”

His 1 and only album entitiled “Nasty Bitch” is storytelling at it’s finest. Every song on there gets play from me. The man can tell a story like a muthafucka. Peep “Pissin’ Razor Blades” which deals with the dangers of going raw-diggity and “Trick Daddy” which a lot of these fucking idiot ass ol’ I-wanna-make-it-rain-and-pay-for-pussy ass rappers need to listen to and come back to reality. Do not listen to this album if you

– a metrosexual backpacking overly sensitive Hiphop fan that obsesses over “REAL VINYL!”

– if you think ” it ain’t trickin if you got it!” is a vaild statement and a legit excuse to fuck off money on a broad.

Bustdown’s voice just commanded respect, you could tell by the tone of his voice that he’d slap you for living and then uppercut your bitch for scuffing his Bally’s. He just sounded like a pure straight up asshole and his rhymes fall under the “everything youve wanted to say to someone but your were too chickenshit to do so” category. It’s like someone got Just-Ice’s DNA, Willie D’s DNA and Slick Rick’s DNA and made a super rapper on some Serpentor shit.

You gotta be cool to listen to Bustdown, you gotta put your got-damn Bally’s and your four fingered ring on and sip some cognac and slap pigment out of a bitch if she starts talkin’ slick. My Dream Group would have consisted of Bustdown, JT Money, Verb, Clayvoisie, and Balli Boy they could have been the New Posion Clan easily. This album is only discussed amongst the real and i wish dude would have put out moe albums and “Nasty Bitch” is definitely a personal classic to me fuck what anyone else thinks. Me and IDAL have namedropped this album many times but the Philaflava residents were not ready for an album so visceral, so real, so hard nosed that it would make the average Wiz Khalifa fan spring their period early. Either way enjoy the album, get a Heineken, put ya Bally’s on and put “Trick Daddy” on repeat the next your lame ass friend starts whining about how he misses his girl.


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