DJ JS1 – One Of The Best Yet-Guru Tribute Mix

DJ JS-1 is a member of the world famous ROCKSTEADY CREW. He has been touring the world with RAHZEL for over a decade. JS-1 has released numerous albums, 12″ singles, mixtapes, battle records and data discs. His album’s have featured some of history’s greatest MCs with the backing of JS-1’s beats, scratches and original production. Most don’t know DJ JS-1 is also a graffiti artist at heart and has also put in much work rocking peices all over the world. Also Check out his website, http://www.djjs1.com/ as well as his You Tube page and other links provided below for more info. Thank you for visiting, enjoy the FREE DOWNLOADS of exclusive and classic DJ JS-1 mixes and original productions!

Check for a ton of dope mixes at http://djjs1.blogspot.com/

**Tracklist is inside of the zip file


–>Download Guru Tribute Mix by DJ JS1<–


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6 Responses to “DJ JS1 – One Of The Best Yet-Guru Tribute Mix”

  1. verge says:

    word, thanks for this. I hope JS is watching me say this: too bad he gets great line ups and good beats for his albums but then they turn out wack cause he has the rappers all spit about how great JS one is. Why you conceited bastard.

  2. Verge, you’re funny… JS-1 is fuckin dope!! I love his albums and he has a new one coming in June and he presses his albums on vinyl. Word up.

  3. verge tibbs says:

    Yeah, I was just kiddin, man. He’s a dope dj/producer and I appreciate this tribute mix, it’s pretty fresh.

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