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One Gud Cide was formed in 1991 by Twisted Black and Evil Seed in Fort Worth. The group’s initial progress was slowed when Twisted Black was shot in the face and lost half of his jaw in what he claimed was an assassination attempt. By 1995, the group had achieved underground success with the album Look What The Streets Made, which sold 10,000 copies in less than 30 days. The group’s career was interrupted once again when Twisted Black, whose real name is Tommy Burns, was sentenced to three years in prison on a parole violation. Work on the group’s follow-up album Contradictions was interrupted by that incident.

Contradictions was finished and eventually released in 1999 on Suave House Records. It included contributions from hip hop mainstays like Eightball of Eightball & MJG fame and UGK”.

**15th track appears only on re-release, original release form 1995 has 14 tracks.


One Gud Cide – Look What The Streets Made (1996)

01. Intro
02. Time To Be A Man
03. Convictin It
04. Makin It Right
05. Game Of Life
06. Mama Told Me
07. Remember Me
08. Skitt
09. Years Ago
10. Loco Vs State
11. Let Them Colors
12. Brothers
13. Going Crazy
14. Where Do I Go
15. Terror In The Gulf Coast

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