Random VLS Drops: KGB – Bless Ya Life (1995)

Wu-Tang affiliates, KGB [Klik Ga Bow] consists of Ill Knob, Asiatic, Raheem and DJ Ken. They have never released an official album although there is some version compiled with singles and some unreleased material, circulating on the internet. They were close assosiates of the another Wu-Tang affiliate (female) group Deadly Venoms.


01. Bless Ya Life (Grim Mix) (Filthy)
02. Bless Ya Life (Grim Mix) (Clean)
03. Bless Ya Life (Original) (Filthy)
04. Bless Ya Life (Original) (Instrumental)
05. Bless Ya Life (Original) (Clean)

–>Download Bless Ya Life VLS<– –re-upped 6/13/12


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5 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: KGB – Bless Ya Life (1995)”

  1. verge tibbs says:

    The Al Green sample they used for this gets me every time. All around dope track.

  2. PDL says:

    The remix trumps the original. Good stuff.

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