Touring The States: Phoenix, AZ

Pretty much everything about Mr. Iroc you can find down below in those 3 videos.

Do not sleep, this album is dope!


01. Finally On Tha Map
02. One 4 Tha Money
03. Once Again
04. I Wish They Come Back
05. You Will Never Be Forgotten
06. Take A Deep Look In My Eyes
07. Don’t Think I Could Flow
08. Throw Your Hands In Tha Air
09. Str8 Flowin
10. Gangsta Ball
11. Humpen
12. Already Knowin
13. Let’em Know
14. Memories
15. If I Don’t Give A Fuck
16. Tha Symphony
17. Just Anotha Day
18. Tha Product

–>Download Mr. Iroc – Finally On Tha Map<–

Videos after the jump.


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