Buckwild Tells All: The Stories Behind His Classic Records (Complex.com)

Buckwild might have been a bit camera shy in the 90s (remember all those DITC group pics that were captioned “Not pictured – Buckwild”?) but these days you can find him in music videos for his project with Celph Titled or being interviewed at Complex. The subject of this latest interview are the stories behind his most famous productions, and he’s got over thirty of them to tell.

We know what you’re thinking. “Great idea, but if Complex broke this up into thirty parts, I’m good.” Nah, son. Live your life. Rafi, of Oh Word and Internets Celebrities fame devised a fly lil’ life hack that allows you to view the entirety of a Complex list feature on one page:

I decided to do some good for the world today. It’s been bugging me that Complex.com runs so many articles that require n clicks to get through where n ranges from 10 to infinity. So today I created a bookmarklet which fetches all the slides of the Complex slideshow you’re visiting and loads them up on that one page. To use it, just drag the link at the end of this article to your Bookmarks bar and when you’re at Complex looking at a slideshow article, click the button for it and the magic happens.

Navigate here to grab the bookmarklet in question, than swerve over to the Complex article and read Buckwild’s behind the scenes accounts. Then go review TROY’s Top 100 Native Tongue Songs with the new fangled functionality made possible by the bookmarklet. What else do you have to do on a Tuesday evening? Exactly.

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