Joe Quixx interviewed by DJ Matthew Africa


This installment of 2 Busy Saying Yeah is something completely different– it’s an entire episode devoted to a conversation with a key figure in the Bay Area hip hop scene, Joe Quixx.

Joe Quixx began DJing as a high-schooler in Hayward in the mid-1980s. After making a name for himself, he joined up with a crew that revolutionized the sound of radio in the Bay Area and beyond. As the primary DJ for the Wake-Up Show and the 10 O’Clock bomb, Joe broke records and introduced a generation of listeners to uncut hip hop and to digging in the crates. As a producer, Joe created a number of underground classics. His style influenced a generation of listeners and he continues to inspire other DJs with his uncompromising, eclectic sound.

In the interview Joe talks about the formative influences that shaped his DJing, how the Wake Up Show came together and his classic productions for the B.U.M.S., Mysterme and others.

Spotted via william g at The TROY Forum.

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