Random VLS Drops: Odd Squad – I Can’t See It (1993)

Odd Squad was hip hop group from Houston, consisting of Rob Quest aka Blind Rob, Jugg Mugg and The D aka The Fat Square Twista bka Devin The Dude.

They released album in 1994, Fadanuf Fa Erybody (Fat Enough For Everybody) on Rap-A-Lot.

You can read a ’94 article from Rap Pages if you click following link ifihavent.wordpress.com


01. I Can’t See It (Radio)
02. I Can’t See It (Instrumental)
03. Smokin’ Dat Weed (Undaground)
04. Smokin’ Dat Weed (Instrumental)

–>Download I Can’t See It VLS<–


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6 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: Odd Squad – I Can’t See It (1993)”

    • Droopy says:

      I love Devin’s music, all of it, his beats, lyrical abilities, and content. He presents another side of H town that is not about flossin’ but about Cool-aiding; getting excited about blazin, the occasioanl BJ, his love for music, and sittin around drinkin beers. BUT what I dont get is why his albums have shitty production and sound quality.

  1. Droopy says:

    this was cool tho, i learned some new stuuff

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